Kite Runner Chapter 11 Flashcard Example #88285

What is the setting?
Fremont California in 1980’s
“America was different. America was a river roaring along, unmindful of the past. I could wade into this river, let my sins drown to the bottom, let the waters carry me sompelace far.” Who says this quote?
What does Baba give Amir as a graduation present?
Old model ford
How does Amir feel about Baba’s graduation present?
Shock and appreciation for Baba’s act of kindness, and what Baba has done for him throughout his entire life.
How does Baba feel in giving Amir’s graduation present?
Proud of Amir, and excited about Amir going to college so that he can be successful in America
Who is Soraya?
Daughter of General Taheri. She is a slim-hipped beauty with coal black hair and walnut brown eyes
What are Baba and Amir doing in San Jose on weekends?
Going around to garage sales and buying stuff, then they are going to the San Jose Flea Market in order to make a profit and visit with former people from Kabul and Afghanistan.
Who is General Taheri?
Well decorated general in Kabul. Worked for ministry of defense in Afghanistan. He praises Baba highly and thinks Baba should be labeled as a great.
What does Amir tell his father he wants to study in college?
What is Baba’s reaction to Amir’s pursuits in college?
Baba does not appreciate his ambitions because he wants Amir to be successful and do better than he is in America, but this career path does not have a big chance of success.
When Baba states that “It may be unfair, but what happens in a single day can change the course of a whole lifetime.” Who is he speaking about?
Soraya and her bad experiences with a man. He says this because Soraya has not had a suitor since, and this event has changed her life entirely.
What president does Baba like?
Ronald Reagan
What happens with Baba and two storeowners?
Baba overturns magazine rack, organges, and breaks jars, because when Baba gave a check to pay for oranges, Mr. and Mrs. Nguyen asksed for ID’s and Baba is furious because they have been buying their fruit there for two years.
What happened in Peshawar?
Spent six months in one bedroom apartment waiting for INS to issue visas
What does Baba say after high school graduation to Amir?
He wishes Hassan was with them
What car does Baba get?
’71 Volkswagen bus

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