Kite Runner Chapter 13 Flashcard Example #21295

In Chapter 13, Amir thinks about the “bears” his father has wrestled during his lifetime. What “bears” has Baba wrestled?
Losing his young wife, raising a son himself, leaving his homeland, poverty, indignity, and cancer
What good news does Amir learn in Chapter 13?
WRitten his first novel on the typewriter the general gave him. A father son story set in Kabul. He sent letters to a dozen agencies and one August day he opened the mailbox and found a request from New York agency for the complete manuscript. A guy named Martin from a New York Agency calls and he wants to be Amir’s agent. Amir gets a call a month later saying he is a published novelist
What disappointment do Soraya and Amir face?
Not able to have kids
In 1989, what is going on in Afghanistan?
The Shoravi completed their withdrawl from Afghanistan. The war raged on however. The war was between the Afghans/Mujahedia, and Soviet government of Najibullah. Afghan refugees kept flocking to Pakistan. That was the year the cold war ended and the Berlin Wall came down and Tiananen Square, so no one thought about Afghanistan.
Who are the Mujahedin?
Who is in charge?
The Soviet government, Najibullah are in charge
What occurs at Taheris’ house?
Have a lafz ceremony of “giving word”. Soraya not present due to tradition, but comes in at end w/ a traditional Afghan dress, long sleeves + gold trimmings.
What does Baba do for Amir + Soraya?
Pays for wedding, $35,000. Rented Afghan banquet Hall. Baba paid for wedding bands, diamond ring, + traditional green suit
Why are traditional green suits worn?
Symbolize color of Islam, Spring, + new beginnings
What is another tradition in Afghan weddigns?
Bride and groom look at eachother in mirror
What does Soraya do after marriage?
Moves in with Baba and takes care of him
What happens to Baba?
Baba asks not to take morphine pills one night, and the next day he does not wake up
What happens to General?
Suffers from migranes once a month, he would go to his room, turn off all lights and no one would be allowed in. General depends on welfare in US because he believes that he should not get a degrading job w/ his stature.
What is Khala Jamila known for?
What happens to both Amir + Soraya?
Get accepted into San Jose State
How does the General feel about Soraya’s desired profession?
Upset because she got straight A’s in high school therefore she should be a lawyer, doctor.

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