Kite runner Chapter 19 Flashcard Example #4614

What is Farid’s first impression of Amir?
Neither amused nor impressed given that he sighs and rolls his eyes. He thinks of Amir as an American which Can be seen when he offers Amir the lemon of his car sickness as opposed to fancy American Medicine
Why does Farid’s think that Amir always has been a tourist?
Amir has never lived the normal Afghan life. He hasn’t dealt with poverty, and challenges other Afghans have to deal with.
What realization does Amir come to in Chapter 19?
That Afghanistan is his true home. He thought he forgot and was forgotten but he had not.
Who is Farid?
29, born in Mazar-I-Sharif, moved to Jalalabad at age ten. Joined jihad against shorawi at fourteen. Two wives and four kids. Had two other daughters but they died in landmine.
Where do Farid and Amir go?
Farid’s brother Wahid’s house
What does Wahid’s call Amir?
True Afghan
What does Farid think Amir is in Afghanistan for?
Money or to sell land
What does Amir dream about?
Shooting a man with faint scar above his upper lip
What happens to Amir’s great grandfather?
MArried third wife a year before dying from cholera epidemic
What does Amir give Wahid’s sons?
What is it that Wahid’s son actually want?

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