Kite Runner Chapter 21 Flashcard Example #44904

What are the houses in Wazar Akbar Khan like?
Good shape
Why are the houses in Wazar Akbar Khan the way they are?
Taliban and people behind gov. like Arabs, Chechens + Pakistanis live in Wazar Akbar Khan
What does Amir flash back to?
Him and Hassan painting turtle shell, walking across bridge Baba built them, and exploring.
What do Amir +Farid do?
Return to Amir’s childhood home
What does Amir find?
Carving “Amir + Hassan, the Sultans of Kabul.”
What has not changed in Kabul?
Food. Kabob succulent and delicious like Amir remembered
What does Farid talk to Amir about?
How in the jihad he and his father were stranded w/out food and had to eat locusts to survive. Helicopter gun killed his father. Talked about how his daughters were killed in landmine
What jokes are famous in Afghanistan?
Mullen Nasruddin jokes
What is an example of a Mullah Nasruddin joke?
Mullah Nasruddin’s daughter comes home saying her husband beat her so Mullah Nasruddin beats her too
What is one cruel action the Taliban do in Chapter 21?
Throw stones at a man, at halftime of a soccer match, that has considered to sin to a fit for that punishment according to the word of God.

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