Kite Runner Chapter 6-9 Review Flashcard Example #17178

Why do boys in Afghanistan during the winter of 1975 have gashes on their fingers? what is tar?
the boys have gashes on their fingers because of the kites some of them have glass around it and they get cut when it breaks
in chapter 6 how does Amir feel about Hassan? Why does he mean “my life as a ghost”
Amir is jealous of Hassan because he feels that Baba prefers him. he says his life as a ghost because he feels that he is just ignored
What is the proudest moment of twelve-year old Amir’s life as describes in Chapter 7
when he wins the kite contest
What happens to Hassan when he runs the blue kite for Amir?
hassan gets raped when he is running for the kite by Assef
Who says “i opened my mouth and almost said something…The rest of my life might have turned out differently if I had” why are those words important? what do you think of Amir’s behavior
Amir says it. they’re important because if he would have said something then maybe Hassan wouldn’t have gotten raped
what is the significance of the two memories and dream presented on pages 73-74
those dreams meant not to be afraid of winning the contest and that Amir was the monster in the lake dragging Hassan down from getting raped
where does the family take a trip to in Chapter8
the family takes a trip to Jalalaba
what does Amir ask of Baba that makes Baba angry? what does baba say in response?
Amir asks if he ever thought about getting new servants. as a result Baba gets very mad because he says Ali is like a brother to him and he would never trade him
what is inscribed on the pomegranate tree in the backyard? so why then is it significant that Amir tries to pick a fight with hassan in front of that tree? what ends up happening? why is that symbolic?
in the tree it says “hassan and Amir sultans of Kabul” Amir tries to pick a fight with Hassan but Hassan doesn’t do anything about it he just lets him hit him , this shows his loyalty
What does Assef give Amir for his birthday? why is this significant?
Assef gives Amir a biography of Hitler
what does Amir put under Hassan’s mattress? why does he it? what is your reaction to Amir’s betrayal?
Amir put money and a watch under the mattress in order to get him in trouble with Baba
When Baba confronts Hassan about this , what does he say?
Hassan admits to theft even though he didn’t do it
what does baba then do that shocks Amir?
Baba forgives Hassan even though he once said that the biggest crime was theft
What happens to Hassan and Ali?
Hassan and Ali leave because they say that it isnt good for them to working for them anymore
how is the end of chapter nine a turning point in the novel?
the ending is a turning point in the novel because Amir now isn’t going to have Hassan after him always being there throughout his whole life

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