Kite Runner Chapter 6 Flashcard Example #32952

First day of snowfall every year he …
Goes out into the snow and puts it in his mouth then calls out Hassan to see
Why did he love Winter
No school but playing cards with Hassan, Building snowmen, Free Russian Movies, and rice for lunch and flying Kites
Kids who’s dad was a doctor of some sort took the voluntary class during this break- he had wool vest and thick rimmed black glasses.
Why did he especially love winter?
The chill between Baba and him thawed because of their share love for Kites
Kite Tournament. Quick Facts.
Every Winter in Kabul, every young boy participated in the Kite competition. It wasn’t like going to war and Hassan him made their own kite of tar and bamboo. All boys got cuts from tar cause it wasn’t made from grass and grass cuts.
Baba bought Hassan and him three Kites from shoemaker. Hassan and him each got three identical Kites no matter what which bothered him because he wanted to be favorite for once
Happened all day and parents cheered but what was the strategy of the game
To position your kite to cut off everyone else’s and be last one flying
Kite runners did what
Chased the Kites that got cut off. The most coveted and honorable kite to obtain is the last one to be cut off. You can not take it away once u get it.
Hassan was the greatest..
Kite runner because he got to the spot before the kite did like he has inner compass.
Once they chased a kite and
It was going in opposite direction, he was slower and clumsier than Hassan, they were wasn’t g for kite and eventually got it
Eat dirt Story
Amir asked Hassan if he would eat dirt if he wanted him to (Hassan is the ant and he has magnifying glass) and Hassan showed two faces and one left unsettling feeling
By winning the competition he shows baba he is
One day with president they will have
Television like in Iran
Most Iranians were
Shia and pick pocketed you with one hand while other is patting your back

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