Kite Runner Characters Flashcard Example #12974

Protagonist, son of Baba and Sofia, half brother of Hassan
Half brother and servant of Amir, raped by Assef, most loving, biological son of Baba and Sanaubar, Ali’s son
Father of Amir and Hassan, builds orphanage, best friend of Rahim Khan, lies to Amir and Hassan about brotherhood
Father of Hassan and servant to Baba and Amir, Babalu, paralyzed face, gimpy leg due to Polio, most loving, taken in by Baba’s father after orphaned
Baba’s best friend, father figure to Amir, tells Amir that he and Hassan are brothers
Sociopath, becomes Talib leader, rapes Hassan and Sohrab, loses eye
Adultress who sleeps with Baba and mothers Hassan, Ali’s wife for a time, abandons Hassan, returns and is forgiven by Hassan, best friend of Sohrab
Mother of Amir, died giving birth, taught classic Farsi at an all girls’ school, of royal descent
Hazara girl who was once in love and almost married Rahim Khan, sent away by Rahim Khan’s father
Mother of Assef, small and nervous, German
Son of Hassan and Farzana, closely resembles his father, good with a sling shot, raped by Assef, adopted by Soraya and Amir
Daughter of General Sahib and Jamila, wife of Amir, ran away with man when 18, sickle shaped birth mark,
Soraya’s father’s most commonly used name
Soraya’s father’s second name
Soraya’s mother, had a stroke
Father of Assef
Amir’s driver, helps him find Sohrab
Bus driver who helps Baba and Amir escape
Friend of Assef, helps rape Hassan, raped by other men, dies of poisoning from fumes
Soraya’s uncle, helps Amir get Sohrab into America
Mother of Sohrab, wife of Hassan
Friend of Assef, helps rape Hassan
Amir’s religious teacher, discusses the sin of drinking
Taheri made who Soraya teaches to read and write
Russian doctor Baba refuses to see
Iranian doctor Baba approves of, diagnosis Baba with cancer
Amir’s childhood neighbor, has epilepsy, goes to school in winter
Fertility doctor
Amir’s uncle, has a house in Jalalabad, Amir gets sick on way to his home and pukes
Revolutionized Afghan music
Fictional American couple made up by Rahim Khan, supposedly run an orphanage and will take care of Sohrab
Fixes Hassan’s harelip
Elderly Vietnamese couple, own grocery store, anger Baba by asking for his ID
Food stamp lady
Older brother of Farid, allows Amir to stay in his home, Amir leaves money under the mattress here
Teacher turned beggar, Knew Sofia Akrami, meets Amir in ruined Kabul
Orphanage director
Amir’s nurse after surgery
Doctor who operates on Amir after his confrontation with Assef
Owner of the hotel Amir and Sohrab stay at
Man at American Embassy, informs Amir that adopting Sohrab is very unlikely
Suggests relinquishing Sohrab to an orphanage until paperwork goes through
Doctor that attends to Sohrab’s suicide attempt

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