Kite Runner Plot Line Flashcard Example #38946

From what year in the future is our protangist narrating?
What year is the very first flashback?
In what physical location in the future is the climax?
In what location are the majority of the flashbacks?
What does Rahim Khan say to Amir over the phone?
Way to be good again
Why doesn’t Baba ever miss Hassan or Amir’s birthday?
What was Amir’s first words?
What was Hassan’s first words
What is the key difference between the Sunni and Shi’a Muslims?
how leaders are choosen
Name four Hazara characters.
Ali, Hassan, Sohrab, Faranza
Name six Pastun characters.
Baba, Amir, Rahim Khan, Soraya, Assef, General Taheri
How does Amir learn about the true Hazara history in Afghanistan?
his mother’s history books
What is the legend that revolves Baba and his power?
wrestled bear
What is the greatest sin, according to Baba?
How does Ali become a orphan?
parents were killed in a car accident
For what does Amir feel his father blames him?
His mother’s death
Name of American official Baba recognizes in the bleachers at the Bazkashi game?
Henry Kissinger
As a child what is Amir’s grestest talent?
What is Baba’s opinion of the fundamentally religious, the zealous?
How were Ali and Sanaubar related?
2nd cousins
What was Amir’s mother’s profession?
What is the irony in Assef wanting to purify Afghanistan?
he’s not pure
Who says “If I hadn’t seen the doctor pull him out of my wife with my own eyes, I’d never believe he’s my son?
What is the distinguishing lit technique of Amir’s first short story?
What are two methods by which Baba and Amir escape Afghanistan?
lorry, fuel tanker
Acorrding to Ali, why do Hassan and Amir share a special bond?
fed from same “breast”
Why does Kamal’s father shoot himself?
Kamal’s death
What is the symbolism of the blue kite that Hassan runs for Amir?
devotion, loyalty, sacrifice, discrimination
Who finds the plot hole in Amir’s first story?
What is Hassan’s skill as a boy?
How do Amir and Baba make extra money in California?
flea market
On what does Amir blame the couple’s infertility?
Hassan’s rape
Why does Sanaubar return?
to see Hassan
What legacy does Rahim Khan give Amir when he arrives in Peshwar?
Hassan’s letter/ photo
About what does Rahim Kahn lie in order to get Amir to do as he asks?
orphange/ Caldwells
How does Hassan die?
Tailban shoot him
Who is the “face of Afghanistan” according to Amir?
How old is Amir as he is re-telling his story in California?
What does Amir give Wahid’s boys when he eats and sleeps at their house?
wristwatch, money
What does Hassan teach Sohrab? (3 things)
read, write, slingshot
What does Amir say to Sohrab as he runs after the green kite?
For you 1,000 times over
What does Amir do that demonstrates his redemption?
flies a kite
List three forms of honorific.
Sahib, jan, agha
Why is Farid so angry with the orphanage director?
sells children
When Assef says, “that every sinner must be punished in a manner befitting his sin” it will eventually and poignantly link to..?
Assef beating Amir
What happened in Mazar-i Sharif in 1998?
Hazara massacre
What reminds Amir of the “dancing monkey” that Hassan and he used to chase?
Sohrab Dancing (Ankle-belly)
Why does Assef laugh as the Shorawi beat him?
kidney stone
Why does Amir laugh as Assef beats him?
Finally at peace
How do Amir and Sohrab ultimately escape Assef?
slingshot to Assef’s eye
Why does Sohrab keep taking hot baths each night?
clean ; from the rape
What memento from Amir’s beating is ironic?
lacerated cleft lip (Like Hassan)
What does Amir call the flea market tent that he and Baba sell junk in?
American version of Ali and Hassan”s hut
What line becomes powerful and poignant motiff?
For you 1,000 times over
Where does Sohrab go one night that terrifies Amir?
What promise does Amir break that almost ends in tragedy?
not sending Sohrab to an orphange
What is Raymond Andrews’ story?
Daughter commited sucide
What was “Sunday’s tiny miracle” and the reason Amir is hopeful about Sohrab?
Smiles when flying kite
What is poetic justice in how Assef is finally taken down?
slingshot (relates back to Hassan)
How does the story come full circle? (four ways)
kite, blood (shows relationship), running kites, cutting kite, shows tricks
List at least five motiffs in the story.
Kites, smiles, power of words, lying, tortured souls
Name four foils
Baba to Ali, Assef to Amir, Hassan to Amir, Baba to Amir
What is Sohrab’s mother’s name?
What is Farid’s brother’s name?

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