Kite Runner Questions (the movie) Flashcard Example #79693

Who is the protagonist in the movie?
Who is the person who encouraged Amir’s writing when Baba did not?
Rahim Khan
What are some differences between Amir and Hassan?
Amir lives a privileged life whereas Hassan does not. Amir is a Pashtun and Hassan is a Hazara. Hassan is more religious whereas Amir is not.
Why does Baba believe that being brave and courageous are good qualities of a person?
-;”A boy who won’t stand up for himself becomes a man who can’t stand up to anything.”
Why does Amir think Baba hates him?
-;”He hates me because I killed her. My mother.”
How are Pashtuns generally characterised?
They are seen as purists and dislike minorities. Important quotes:
“Not this flat-nose Hazara. His people pollute our homeland. They dirty our blood.”
“Afghanistan is the land of the Pashtuns.”
What is the only sin in Baba’s eyes?
“There is only one sin. And that is theft.”
How does Amir know that Baba is still disappointed in him, even after graduating college?
“So instead of being doctor and saving lives, he wants make up stories.”
Who is the bully who later joined the taliban?
What does Rahim Khan tell Amir when he goes back to afghanistan?
They don’t let you be human. They even banned kite flying.
They brought Hassan and his family home with me. They said that he was a liar and a thief like all the other Hazaras. And they ordered him to leave with his family by nightfall.
Hassan wouldn’t leave
shot him in the back of the head
He taught himself to read and write.
He didn’t want to send you a letter until he could do it properly.
What did Hassan say to Amir when running to get the kite for him?
“For you, a thousand times over.”
When Amir has dinner with Soraya’s family, what was one of the things he said to stand up for Sohrab?
‘You will never again refer to him as “a Hazara boy” in my presence.’
What did the taliban think they were doing for their country.
“We took out the garbage. We brought law. We brought justice.”
What was some of the things the taliban was doing that conflicted with their islamic beliefs?
– Discriminating the Hazaras only because they were a minority.
– Raping innocent children from the orphanage
– Making Sohrab (and many other young kids) prostitutes.
– Drinking, smoking, and gambling.
-Killing people and leaving their corpses around the streets.
What did Asseif say to Amir in the room?
“I knew you the second I saw you in the stadium.”
Where did the majority of the movie take place?
The capital of Afghanistan, Kabul.
What did Amir say to Sohrab to cheer him up?
“Did I ever tell you your father was the best kite runner in all Kabul?”
What did Hassan write in his letter to Amir?
“And I dream that someday you will return to Kabul to revisit the land of our childhood. If you do, you’ll find an old faithful friend waiting for you.”
What did the owner of the orphanage say to Amir about the children?
“Sometimes, they come back, more often, they don’t.”
When Amir brought Sohrab to California, they went kite flying and won. When Amir was running to catch the kite, what did he say?
“For you, a thousand times over.”

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