Kite Runner Symbolism Flashcard Example #44372

The pomegranate tree
This symbolizes Amir and Hassan’s friendship as it is where they carved their names and played under as children. When Amir throws the pomegranates at Hassan, it marks the end of their friendship.
Cleft lips
On Hassan, this represents his low status in life. When Amir receives a scar on lip, it helps redeem him and ties him closer with Hassan.
America (beginning vs. end)
In the beginning, this represents hope and luxury as Amir and Baba enjoy American comforts. When they move to America, Baba’s attitude changed. Amir finds the comfort of a new beginning.
The slingshot
This symbolizes devotion as Hassan and later Sohrab use this to stand up for Amir.
Brass knuckles
These represent fear and the enemy.
The lamb
This represents innocence. Hassan and Sohrab are both referred to as this as they lose their innocence.
These symbolize Amir’s youth and his happiness. They also symbolize his want of acceptance and approval from his father. After Hassan is raped, this image is tainted.

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