Kite Runner Test Flashcard Example #58449

narrator, betrayed his closest friend, Hassan because of jealousy, gifted story teller, wants to please his father, witnesses Hassan getting rape, but doesn’t help and feels really guilty, and wants to redeem himself, takes Hassan’s son as his own
loyal, forgiving, servent to Baba and Amir, has cleft lip, sacrifices himself for others, illiterate, stands up for others, best kite runner in Kabul, dies defending Baba’s house from Taliban
Amir’s father, had affair with Ali’s wife and Hassan is his biological son, wishes Amir were stronger and braver to show love for Hassan, dies in San Fran
Hassan’s father, Hazara who was taken in by Baba’s father when his parents were killed, has a crippled leg, grew up alongside Baba just like Hassan and Amir
Hassan’s son, stays in orphanage after Hassan is killed, sex slave to Assef, until Amir rescues him.
Amir’s wife, shamed family as young girl by running away with man, can’t have kids to takes in Sohrab as her own.
Rahim Khan
Baba’s close friend, knows Hassan’s real identity and about his rape, encourages Amir to write, tells Amir to come back to save Hassan’s son
sociopath, bully, rapes Hassan, as an adult becomes Taliban official, keeps sohrab as sex slave, loses eye because sohrab sling shots him.
from what year does Amir narrate the story?
What does Rahim Khan say to Amir over the phone?
“there is a way to be good again”, a way to make up to Hassan by saving his son
How did Amir’s mother die?
in childbirth
What was Amir’s mother’s name?
What was Amir’s mother’s profession?
What key concept distinguishes Sunni and Shi’a Islam?
According to Ali, Why did Amir and Hassan have a special kinship?
They were nursed by the same woman
How were Amir and Hassan really related?
they were half-brothers
How did Sanaubar treat Hassan when he was born?
She rejected him
How were Ali and Sanaubar related?
Cousins and Spouses
Who was a Hazara?
Ali and Hassam
What does Amir call Assef in retrospect?
a sociopath
What was Amir’s first word?
What was Hassan’s first word?
How did Amir learn about Hazara history?
He secretly read books
what is another term for harelip?
a cleft lip
Baba was rumored to have done what?
Slept with Sanaubar
What is Baba’s opinion of the fundamentally religious?
He thinks they are crazy
According to Baba, what is the greatest sin?
For what did Amir feel Baba blamed him?
His mother’s death
As a child, Amir was talented at what?
Reciting poetry
whom did Baba see in the bleachers at the Buzkashi game?
Henry Kissinger
Who said “If I hadn’t seen the doctor pull him out of my wife with my own eyes, I’d never believe he’s my son.”
How did Ali become an orphan?
His parents died in an accident
Amir is jealous of Hassam, Baba gets cancer, Sohrab having to trust Amir,
Amir, its his story
Assef is a psychopath, member of tailbane when older,
Amir meets Assef when older and has to fight him to save Sohrab, but sohrab saves himself with a sling shot
Sohrab goes back to America with Amir and they become family, Sohrab not trusting until they fly kite together
strength of character
hassan constantly loyal, good at kite fighting, Amir shows strength by going back to his hometown, Sohrab chananges Assef,
the resilience of the human spirit
Hassan was raped and hurt, but then grew up to be a father and husband, he also appreciated life with what he was given
Amir feels guilty for pushing Hasaan away and lying to try to get Hassan out of his house because of his guilt and find redemption by saving Hassan’s son, Sohrab.
man’s inhumanity to man
Hassan’s rape, kite fighting, Aseff is a violent person, Taliban
relationship between fathers and sons
Raheen Khan is tied into family, but not blood related and fills in where Baba left off, Ali treats Hassan as own son even not biological, Baba tries to be good to Hasaan because guilty of not being able to be true father and proud of him
loyalty and devotion
Hassan is very loyal to Amir
the discrimination and class structures
Hazara people are lower class and treated like dirt, pashtunes are higher and richer
The novel begins with Amir’s memory of peering down an alley, looking for Hassan who is kite running for him. As Amir peers into the alley, he witnesses a tragedy. The novel ends with Amir kite running for Hassan’s son, Sohrab, as he begins a new life with Amir in America. Why do you think the author chooses to frame the novel with these scenes? Refer to the following passage: “Afghans like to say: Life goes on, unmindful of beginning, end…crisis or catharsis, moving forward like a slow, dusty caravan of kochis nomads.” How is this significant to the framing of the novel?
life isn’t going to stop because of a mistake it goes on and you have to make up for your mistakes
symbol of amirs happiness and guilt, connects amir with baba, reason that hassan gets raped, connects Amir and Sohrab
literacy of the written word
Amir reads to hasam and changes up the story because Hasam can’t tell, hazara cant read, keep them down=keep them uneducated.
how amir changes
from selfish child to selfless adult

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