Macbeth act 1 quiz review Flashcard Example #37466

Good things can do bad and bad things can do good
King of scotland; dad of malcolm and donalbain
He cuts open Macdowald and puts his head on their battlements; praised for this
They call him the thane of glamis, thane of cawdor, and the soon king
he will never be a king but his kids will
He was killed because he confronted his crimes
He was a gentlemen whom he trusted
Malcolm now stands between him and the crown; he wanted to be crowned prince
He must either give up the throne to malcolm or he must prevent malcolm from returning and claiming the throne
She fears that macbeth is too good to seize the thrown by murder
She believes she must become more manly in order to have no compassion in her ambitions
It has a pleasant location and welcomes his gentle senses; ironic because macbeth intends to kill him
Macbeth cant just murder the king because there will be lasting consequences; either becomes king (to be all) or be killed (to end all)
Macbeth has no desire to murder, he is only doing it because he’s being ambitious
They will get the servants drunk and steal their swords and then kill duncan in his sleep
He’s portraying he’s innocent although he knows he guilty; he’ll put on a false face and act if everything is normal

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