Macbeth Plot Summary Act 3 Flashcard Example #20681

Did You Do It?-
Banquo begins to suspect Macbeth as the murderer of the king encouraging Macbeth to order his killing.
LMB and Macbeth discuss the nightmares they are both having about the murder of Duncan and their envy of the dead as they have peace. Macbeth is assured as he believes Banquo’s death will solve this
Banquo is killed by the murderers Macbeth hired but his son Fleance is able to escape.
Have A Seat-
Macbeth holds a banquet with his noblemen friends but begins to see the ghost of Banquo at the table. LMB attempts to cover it up by saying this has been happening since he was young.
The head mistress of the witches is introduced and she believes that the witches need to play tricks on Macbeth.
Tyrant (Bye Macduff)-
Macbeth is referred to as a tyrant by Lennox and other lords and so the opposition is formed. Macduff leaves.

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