Mary Shelley: Frankenstein Flashcard Example #13525

What year was Shelley born?
Where was Shelley born?
In what year was the first edition of “Frankenstein” published?
In what year did Shelley die?
How many of Mary and Percy Shelley’s kids survived into adulthood?
T/F: Victor Frankenstein was born in Geneva.
T/F: The novel begins with letters from the explorer Robert Walton to his sister.
T/F: Victor Frankenstein’s primary motive for creating life is to acquire great wealth.
T/F: Frankenstein takes his creature back home to Geneva after bringing him to life.
T/F: Frankenstein agrees to create a female companion for the “monster.”
In what year was the revised edition of “Frankenstein” published?
Victor Frankenstein.
– protagonist and narrator
– discovers secret of life creates intelligent, but grotesque monster
The monster.
– eight foot tall, hideously ugly creature of Victor Frankenstein
– attempts to integrate himself into human social patterns, but all who see him shun him
– feelings of abandonment cause him to lash out at his creator
Robert Walton.
– arctic seafarer whose letters open and close Frankenstein
– picks up bedraggled Victor Frankenstein up off the ice and nurses him back to health
– hears Victor’s story and records the stories in letters to his sister
Alphonse Frankenstein
Victor’s father
Elizabeth Lavenza
orphaned cousin whom Victor’s family adopts
Henry Clerval
– victor’s boyhood friend
– nurses Victor back to health in Ingolstadt
William Frankenstein
– Victor’s youngest brother
– monster strangles William in the woods outside Geneva in order to hurt Victor for abandoning him
– burdens Victor with guilt about creating the monster
Justine Moritz
– young girl adopted into Frankenstein household
– blamed and executed for William’s murder
Caroline Beaufort
– marries Victor’s dad
– contracted and died of scarlet fever from being Elizabeth’s caretaker
– occurred right before Victor left for Ingolstadt
– family of peasants that the monster learns to speak and interact by observing them
– monster reveals himself to them hoping for a friendship, but they beat and chase him away
Mr. Waldman
– professor of chemistry who sparks Victors interest in science
– dismisses alchemist’s conclusions
– sympathizes with Victor’s interests in the “big questions”
Mr Krempe
– professor of natural philosophy at Ingolstadt
– dismisses study of alchemists as wasted time and encourages him to study anew
Major Themes
– dangerous knowledge
-sublime nature
– monstrosity
– secrecy
– texts

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