Medieval Italy Flashcard Example #41236

The Great Schism was resolved by ________ .
Holy Roman Emperor Sisgumund
________ carved figures that revealed an interest in classical forms.
Nicola Pisano
________ was considered the rightful capital of the universal church.
The Lorenzetti brothers were students of ________ .
________ were urban centers of bankers and merchants with widespread international contacts.
Florence and Siena
The Republic of Florence was a dominant city-state during the ________ .
fourteenth century
Who set his goal as emulating the natural world?
Who perceived art as a trade?
Which of the following had a significant effect on the art of Italy during the fourteenth century?
Black Death
What city dominated banking operations?
The Dominicans commissioned the construction of ________ in Florence.
Santa Maria Novella
The Florence Cathedral was begun by ________ .
Arnolfo di Cambio
In the Lamentation from the Arena Chapel, the integration of formality with emotional composition was achieved by ________ .
Which king’s nostalgia for the past grandeur of Rome fostered a revival of Roman sculpture and decoration in Sicily and southern Italy in the thirteenth century?
Frederick II
________ remained the official language for state documents.
Florence’s economy was further enhanced by its control of the ________ .
Textile Industry
Who sculpted the pulpit of the Pisa Cathedral baptistery?
Nicola Pisano
Historians generally agree that the Black Death originated in ________ .
Many scholars describe ________ as the father of Western pictorial art.
Who was instrumental in forming the so-called International Style?
Simone Martini

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