Mice and Men Flashcard Example #18845

What is the river described in the opening of the book?
The riverbank is very _______
George does not trust Lennie to carry his own
Where did Lennie and George work before?
A ranch in Weed
If George leaves Lennie, Lennie says he will live where?
In a cave
When George sends Lennie for firewood, Lennie returns with a dead what?
George tells Lennie that if he didn’t have Lennie to take care of, he’d be
Lennie and George were forced to flee Weed because Lennie tried to
Feel a girl’s dress
According to George, ranch hands are the
loneliest in the world
Why are George and Lennie late for their new jobs?
The bus dropped them off in the wrong place.
Why does Crooks have his own room in the barn?
He is black.
What kind of men does Curley like to pick on?
Large men
What did George tell Lennie to do if he gets in trouble?
hide in the brush
What does the boss do when he gets mad?
He takes it out on the stable buck.
For a short time, George thinks that Curley’s wife is having an affair with who?
Lennie makes George promise to ask slim for what?
a pup
Slim says he is impressed with Lennie’s what?
Ability to work.
Lennie’s reaction when something that he pets resists is to
hold on tight
George says he and Lennie are different from other ranch hands because they have
a future
Why does Lennie leave the barn?
To hide by the river
In death, Curley’s wife appears
Curley’s wife’s body is discovered by
Immediately after the killing, George believes that Lennie should be
locked up
Candy blames the loss of his dream on
Curley’s wife
Curley insists that Lennie must be
Carlson claims that his gun has been stolen by
While he is waiting for George, Lennie imagines that he receives a scolding from
Aunt Clara
Before he kills Lennie, George tells him that he
is not mad at him
The only person who seems to understand why George kills Lennie is
The major theme of this story concerns
Human loneliness and frustration

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