Minority Report, Oedipus, Antigone Test – English 12 Flashcard Example #73092

a special unit of the police force tasked with stopping murders before they ever occur
Minority report is a debate of two themes:
free will vs. determinism
the belief that what happens is dictated by what has happened in the past
is the belief that free will and determinism are compatible ideas, and that it is possible to believe in both without being logically inconsistent
John Anderton
Protagonist, married a woman named Lara and had a son, Sean. He is the Chief at Precrime, and was determined to kill Leo Crow in 36 hours.
Sean Anderton
John Anderton’s son, disappeared under John’s watch at age 6.
Dr. Iris Hineman
the creator and “mother” of the PreCrime Program. She reveals to John that sometimes, one of the three Precogs, usually Agatha, produced a different vision than the other two. This would eventually be labeled as a “minority report” and upon its creation, it is deleted in order to keep it a secret in order to ensure the system’s credibility.
are individuals that possess a psychic ability to see events in the future, primarily premeditated murders. There are currently three Precogs, Agatha, Arthur, and Dash. The reason they have this ability because they are children of drug addicts
the most talented Precog, also the only female Precog. John takes her away from the Photon Milk Bath to stop him from murdering Leo Crow.
Lamar Burgess
the head of the PreCrime Division and spearheaded its development and operations. He seeked to expand his division from a experiment into a nation wide police force, catching would be murders and saving tens of thousands of lives in the process. However, his dream would not survive, as he is exposed for the murder of Anna Lively, and committed suicide.
Precog caretaker
Howard Marks
man arrested at the beginning of the movie for the future murder of his wife, Sarah Marks
What year does Minority report take place
Danny Witwer
a member of the United States Department of Justice and is responsible for investigating and raising questions regarding the functionality and truth behind the PreCrime system. He is assigned to audit the PreCrime system and engage in an investigation of the system as the PreCrime system is poised to go nation-wide due to its success.
Henry Blomfeld
Henry Blomfeld is the Deputy Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. After the PreCrime Division was shut down, he wanted the PreCogs to be under his control, but he failed to do so when it is announced that the PreCogs would go free.
Anne Lively
Agatha, Dash, and Arthur’s mother, whom was murdered by Burgess
2 “murders” of Anne Lively
The intended but thrwarted murder by Joe Doe, the hired assassin.
The also intended but successful murder by Burgess.
it gives them nutrients, allows them to remain semi-conscious, partially incapacitates them
The pre-cogs spend their time floating in fluid because:
replace his eyes
In order to remain unrecognized, John Anderton had to
Kill him and prove precrime right, or spare him and discredit the system he created
At the film’s climax, Anderton gives Burgess the following choice:
A vision from one pre-cog that goes against, or is an alternative version to, that of the other two pre-cogs
A “minority report” is:
Oedipus’s flaw
hubris. He’s a great man, a great king, and he knows it. In fact, his hubris is so strong, he even thinks he can outsmart the gods.
King of Thebes. As a young man, he saved the city of Thebes by solving the riddle of the Sphinx and destroying the monster. He now sets about finding the murderer of the former king Laius to save Thebes from plague.
The second-in-command in Thebes, brother-in-law of Oedipus. He is Oedipus’ trusted advisor, selected to go to the oracle at Delphi to seek the Apollo’s advice in saving the city from plague.
A blind prophet who has guided the kings of Thebes with his advice and counsel.
Queen of Thebes, wife of Oedipus. She was the widow of Thebes’ former king, Laius, and married Oedipus when he saved the city from the Sphinx.
Antigone and Ismene
Oedipus’ young daughters.
Daughter of Oedipus. She defies a civil law forbidding the burial of Polynices, her brother, in order to uphold the divine law requiring that the dead be put to rest with proper rituals.
Sister of Antigone, daughter of Oedipus. She timidly refuses to join her sister in disobeying the civil law, but later wants to join her in death.
King of Thebes, brother-in-law of Oedipus, uncle of Polynices, Antigone, and Ismene. His strict order to leave Polynices’ body unburied and his refusal to admit the possibility that he is wrong bring about the events of the tragedy.
Son of Creon, promised in marriage to Antigone. He argues calmly for Antigone’s release, but meets with angry rejection.
a sentry
Who brings news of the attempted burial of Polynices
Queen of Thebes, wife of Creon. On hearing of the death of her son, she kills herself.
The blind prophet who advised Laius and Oedipus, before Creon. His auguries show that the gods are angered by Creon’s decision to leave Polynices unburied.
special right or privilege
In Oedipus, Tiresias did not want to come talk to him, his fate was already set by the gods. In Antigone, Tiresias shows up voluntarily, Creon’s fate is not set by the gods. He tells Creon he can still change
What is the difference between Tiresias in the two plays?
application of knowledge, or when knowledge meets self-experience
a fatal flaw (hubris)
complete downfall of the main character because of his/her hamartia
She hung herself
How did Antigone die?
He tries to stab Creon but misses so he kills himself.
What does Haemon do when he sees Antigone dead?
She stabs herself at the altar, blaming Creon
What does Eurydice do when she hears Antigone and Haemon are dead?
you have to learn humility
“If you are proud, you will get beaten down by fate and that will teach us wisdom.” What does this mean?
moment of revelation
one setting (Thebes)
Oedipus: unity of place
one day
Oedipus: unity of time
one conflict (find the killer)
Oedipus: unity of plot
Unity of place, unity of time, unity of plot
What are the three unities?
give him to a henchman to be abandoned
What did Jocasta and Laius do with their son?
Oedipus’s adoptive father
Who is Polybus?
Where did Oedipus grow up?
at a crossroads
Where was Laius killed?
patricide and incest
The two worst crimes to commit in Ancient Greece were
involuntary ignorance
Oedipus’s crime, although terrible, are a form of
Once Oedipus gets his fate from the Gods, he cannot escape it no matter which path he chooses. This is an example of the philosophy of
attempted infanticide, incest, voluntary ignorance
Jocasta is guilty of……..
she hangs herself
How does Jocasta die?
he doesn’t
How does Oedipus die in the play?
Who is in charge at the play’s end? (Oedipus)
Where does the play Antigone take place?
Polynices and Eteocles
Who is dead at the beginning of Antigone?
“What? You’d bury him- what a law forbids the city?” Who is “him”?
the God’s law trumps man’s laws, the dead body is her brother, death longs the same rites for all
In defending her actions, Antigone argues that
an alcoholic blessing
What is a “libation”?
all of these
-displays sexist/misogynistic attitudes
-plans to kill antigone
-calls his son a woman’s slave
all of these
Haemon tells Creon that
-Creon should relax and lessen his anger
-Creon killing Antigone will kill another
-he’d never ask Creon to admire treason
-people think Antigone should be praised
What does Tiresias tell Creon?

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