Motifs for Jane Eyre Flashcard Example #79378

symbolizes family and happiness(ex. fire Bertha sets reunites Rochester and Jane), sometimes brings about ending(ex. end of Bertha)
serves to alienate Jane from herself; connects to Bertha
death and rebirth
tracks Jane’s ability to make good/bad decisions(ex. Jane makes the decision not to go to India with St. John, she relates it to a “premature death”(344)
-serves as a foreshadowing and deepens character
-pain, ex) John Reed abuses Jane, red room
-Jane lives her life in a fairytale manner
-ex) evil step sisters and evil brother, talks about running away with Mr. Rochester
fortune teller scene
-shows how Rochester is disguising himself from his true self or not telling Jane about Bertha
-Blanche is physically “cold”-; not part of the family contrast to fire(bad intentions)
helps characterize Jane and Rochester’s relationship characterizes them as individuals(ex. Bertha)
-ex) Mr Rochester hearing Jane’s voice and Jane hearing his
pathetic fallacy
used symbolically to suggest emotions/actions or foreshadows(ex. tree struck by lightning and split in half where Rochester proposes to Jane)
willow the wsp.
– concept where someone follows a light, which leads to danger
-ex.) Jane follows a light to St. John’s house
Lay of the Last Minstrel(poem)
-similar to Jan and Rochester’s relationship
-Bertha/Lady Branksome- keeps the couple away with magic
-Rochester hides Bertha/father of Margaret is killed by Cranstoun(wrong doing)
Jane Eyre
-personal growth throughout the book
-poor, not beautiful
-Gates Head-; Lowood-; Thornfield-; Moor House-;Ferndean
Mr. Rochester
-Owns Thornfield. Travels alot. Falls in love with jane
-foil to St. John
Jane’s student at Thornfield; her mother was a French singer and dancer; usually associated with nature
St. John
-cousin of Jane
-St. John’s mother(sister) is Jane’s father’s sister(brother)
-tried to force Jane to go to India with him
-foil to Mr. Rochester
-unintentionally splits Jane and Mr. Rochester’s marriage apart
-once she dies in the fire-> Jane and Rochester are reunited
-is a foil to Jane
Diana and Mary Rivers
-they are Jane’s cousins and sisters of St John
Blanche Ingram
-tried to fall in love with Rochester because of his money
-Miss. Oliver is a foil to Blanche
Helen Burns
is Jane’s close friend at the Lowood School she dies in Jane’s arms
Mrs. Reed
-Is Jane’s cruel aunt, who raises her at Gateshead Hall until Jane is sent away to school
-eventually dies
John Reed
-Jane’s cousin, Mrs. Reed’s son, and brother of Eliza and Georgiana
-John treats Jane with appalling cruelty during their childhood
-later falls into a life of drinking and gambling.
-commits suicide midway through the novel when his mother ceases to pay his debts for him
Eliza Reed
-is Jane’s cousin and one of Mrs. Reed 2 daughters
-Eliza devotes herself somewhat self-righteously to the church and eventually goes to a convent in France where she becomes the Mother Superior
Georgiana Reed
-is Jane’s cousin and one of Mrs.Reed 2 daughters
-treats Jane cruelly when they are children, but later in their lives she befriends her cousin and confides in her
-maid at Gateshead
-treats Jane kindly by reading her stories and singing Jane songs
Richard Mason
-is Bertha’s brother
Mr. Briggs
-helps Richard Mason prevent Jane’s wedding with to Rochester when he learns of the existence of Bertha Mason, Rochester wife
Rosamond Oliver
-is the beautiful daughter of Mr. Oliver Morton’s wealthiest inhabitant
-foil to Blanche
-got married to someone else instead of St. John

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