Oedipus the King & Antigone Review Flashcard Example #10496

king of Thebes after Laius; husband of his mother Jocasta
queen of Thebes
one of Oedipus’ daughter; strong-willed; engaged to Haemon
blind prophet
king of Thebes before Oedipus
queen of Corinth; Oedipus’ adopted mother
king of Corinth; Oedipus’ adopted dad
son of Creon; Antigone’s cousin and fiance; Ismene’s cousin
Antigone’s sister; Oedipus’ daughter
king of Thebes after Oedipus; rules by inflicting fear; Oedipus’ uncle & brother-in-law
author of Oedipus the King and Antigone
What are the two crises that trouble Thebes?
plague & famine
Oedipus freed the Thebans from the ______.
The chorus represents __________________.
the people of Thebes
Oedipus uses ________ ____ to gouge his eyes.
golden pins
Jocasta took her own life by ____________________.
hanging herself with a rope
Oedipus’ name comes from that fact that his ___________________________________.
ankles were swollen from being nailed together
Why does Jocasta tell Oedipus about the prophecy she was given many years ago?
to reassure him that the prophecies don’t always come true
Why does Jocasta beg Oedipus to stop seeking the truth from the Corinithian messenger?
b/c she realizes that Oedipus is her son
After the truth has been revealed, what is Oedipus’ top concern?
the fate of his two daughters: Antigone ; Ismene
Why does Creon refuse to bury Polyneices?
b/c Polyneices is a traitor and he attacked Thebes w/ another army
How does Ismene anger Antigone at the beginning of the play?
Ismene refuses to help Antigone bury their brother Polyneices
How does Ismene serve as a foil to Antigone?
Ismene is weak and obeys the laws of the state while Antigone is strong-willed and obeys the laws of the gods.
What common trait do Antigone and Oedipus share?
They’re both strong-willed.
Creon accuses Antigone of what double crimes?
burying Polyneices and “boasting” about it
How does Haemon try to persuade his father to change his position?
Haemon tells Creon the opinions of the people.
At the beginning of Scene 4, Antigone speaks to the Chorus. What is her motivation in telling the Chorus to pity her?
Antigone wants to gain more honor and lore.
Antigone sees her untimely death as a consequence of whose actions?
What prophecy does Tiresias reveal?
that someone of Creon’s flesh will die
What does the Choragus tell Creon about Tiresias’ predictions?
that they’re never false
What does Haemon do just before killing himself?
Haemon tried to kill Creon but Creon dodged him.
Why does the Choragus speak to the audience directly at the end of Antigone?
to reinforce the theme of Antigone
What is the theme expressed by the Choragus in his final lines?
There’s no happiness w/out wisdom ; no wisdom w/out submission to the gods.
How are Creon and Oedipus the tragic hero of their respective plays?
Their hubris was their downfall.
“Tragedy” derived from the Greek word “tragoidia”, which means:
goat song
The stories used in tragedies were taken primarily from ________.
Greek actord wore masks to:
make their voices louder; show emotion; be different characters
The aim of a tragedy is to arouse ____ and ____ on the part of the audience.
pity; fear
A tragic hero must possess a flaw that causes his downfall. This flaw is called ____, or overwhelming pride in oneself.
The chorus enters the play during the _______.
The dialogue and plot unfold during the _______, which are much like our modern-day acts and scenes.

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