Of Mice and Men Chapter 2 Flashcard Example #48625

What does George answer when the boss asks what he is trying to put over?
He lies and says he and Lennie and cousins and they left their last job because it was done
Which character is this… the bosses son
short and stocky
likes to pick on men bigger than himself
had curley hair
The swamper said, “Seems like Curley ain’t givin’ nobody a chance.”
Explain this statement.
If curley would fight a big man and win everyone would think he was very strong and would congratulate him. If curley would fight a big man and lose everyone would feel sorry for him. Either way Curley would come out the favorite of the crowd
Identify Slim and Carlson.
Slim and Carlson are other ranch hands. Slim seems very reasonable and respected and tried to understand george and lennie. Carlson is later responsible for killing Candys dog
What does slim have that Lennie wants?
Who are all the characters we meet in chapter Two, and describe them?
Curley: the boss’s son, aggressive, wears high heeled boots
Candy: ranch hand with only 1 hand
The boss: stocky, well dressed
Curleys wife: described as a tramp
Crooks: proud, bitter
Slim: prince of the ranch, jerkine skinner
Carlson: ranch hand, complains about candy’s dog
Whitey: left the ranch, over clean
What is George’s advice to Lennie about Curley?
stay away from Curley, unless Curley touches him then fight
What is wrong with Candy?
he is missing a hand and a dog that stinks
What is Candy’s opinion of the Boss?
he is a pretty nice fella. He gave us a galloon of whiskey on christmas
Why does George speak for Lennie and what does he tell the Boss as an excuse?
he says Lennie was kicked in the head by a horse so he is slow. he tells Lennie not to speak because he fears it will get them in trouble
Describe Curley’s temper.
has gotten worse since he has married and his wife like to flirt with all the ranch hands
What does Carlson want and why?
he wants one of Slims dogs and he wants to shoot his old dog because it smells
Why are there only five pups out of nine?
Slim drowned 4 of them because the mother couldn’t take care of them
.What is Lennie’s request to George?
he wants a dog
What are the problems in the bunkhouse?
people need to get along in tight spaces and there are bugs
What is the theme in this chapter and how is it shown?
This chapter establishes the cruel and predatory nature of the world.
.What is the difference between a round character and a flat character? Which character is
round character changes
flat character stays the same
Round: Slim, George, Candy
Flat: Lennie, Curley, Carlson, Curleys wife
Why does Steinbeck dismiss women in this book, and how does he do this?
The only female character is Curley’s wife, who is not even give a name
Steinbeck assigns female characters as only caretakers of men
Who greets lennie and george at the bunkhouse
an old man named candy
What unusual habits does whitney have
he is very clean and he always had to make everything perfect
Whom does the boss punish because George and Lennie are late
How does the boss react to Georges friendship with Lennie
he can’t understand why George is looking out for Lennie
he thinks George is taking advantage on Lennie because George is doing all the talking. The boss watches them closely
How does Curley react to Lennie’s silence
annoyed. He wants to fight lennie
What does he think about George and Lennies traveling together
he thinks its odd
What does the swamper mean by saying “Curleys pretty handy”
he is a boxer and he starts fights
What uneasy feeling does George have about Curleys wife
George tells Lennie to stay away from her because she will get them in trouble
Who complains about the old smelly dog
Who was not allowed to use his feet in a fight
Who is the most respected person on the ranch
Who begs to leave the ranch
Lennie but they have to stay until they can buy their own ranch
Who pretends to look for curley
Curley’s wife
Who tries to pick a fight with Lennie
Who is angry that george and lennie arrive late
the boss
Who criticizes Lennie for speaking to the boss
Who has only one hand
Who gives George and Lennie the lowdown of the ranch
Who tried to engage lennie in an argument
the boss and the boss’s son
Who exchanged a few words but never fights
Curley and George
What happens when the boss leaves
George yells at lennie and the truth of their friendship is revealed and candy says he will not say anything
What does Slim think of George and Lennies relationship
he is impressed by how they look after one another

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