Of Mice and Men Chapter 4 Flashcard Example #49216

Who is Crooks
He is a stable buck He is disrespected
African American He lives by himself
Lives in a tool shed
What does Crooks say about Lennie and George’s dream
He at first doesn’t believe they story and then he realizes it when Lennie mentions that they do have money to buy land
What does Crooks want when he believe there actually might be land
he wants to join them and be apart of the dream
Why does Curley’s wife go to the barn
because she is lonely and she wants someone to talk to
Why did Lennie go to the barn
to visit his puppy
Why is Crooks not allowed in the bunk house
because he is African American
What does Crooks say to torment Lennie about
that George won’t come back from where him and the other went to
What does Curley’s wife guess
that Lennie and Curly go into a fight
What does Curley’s wife tell Crooks after she is asked to leave the barn
she threatens that she can have him lynched
Why did George and Lennie leave their job in weed
Lennie frightened a little girl
Why did Lennie break Curley’s hand
because Curley started a fight
Why does George take care of Lennie
he promised Lennie Aunt Clara he would
Why is Crooks jealous of Lennie and Georges friendship
he longs for such a friendship
Why does crooks become interested in Lennie’s dream of a farm
He sees it as a way of escaping his life on the ranch
George is a realist
he can read people and figure out if their is trouble, but he has his own dream about owning a ranch/ farm
Candy is weak and useless
he only has one hand, but he fears that he will loose his job and he saves money to help George and Lennie to make there dream come true of owning a ranch
George could live a better life without Lennie
he wouldn’t have to take care of anyone but, george wouldn’t have a friend
Curley is cocky and self- assured
he is confident and will fight someone bigger then him, but he is insecure about how small he is
Slim is trustworthy and unfailingly right
everyone trusts and respects him bit he doesn’t stand up for candy and his dog
Why does Crooks warm up to Lennie
he realizes Lennie is sincere
How does Crooks fill his loneliness
he reads books
How does Curley’s wife react to knowing what really happened to Curleys hand
she said that Curley deserved it
Why is Curley’s wife so bitter
she is not respected and she is in a bad marriage
Is curley’s wife happy in her marriage
What happens when George comes into the bunk house and candy admits that he and Lennie told crooks about the ranch
he is angry
Why does Curley’s wife threaten Crooks
because he asked her to leave the bunk house
What was Crooks offer to Candy and Lennie
to have him join them on the ranch so he can help out
What does Crook tell Lennie and Candy to forget
his offer to help on the farm and that he was kidding
When Curley’s wife see that Lennie’s face is bruised what does she think
that Lennie had gotten into a fight
Curley’s wife lives in a dream world
she is care free, but she doesn’t know what the real would is
Why does crooks have so many possessions
Because he has lived on the farm for many years and has collected many things
Why is crooks jealous if lennie and George’s friendship
because he wants a friendship like that `
Crooks says that, just like Lennie and George he needs
he needs a companion
why does Crooks retreat back into silence
because curley’s wife threatens to have him lynched
Where did the other ranch hands go?
Suzy’s to drink and to play cards
How much poorer did the ranch hands come back with
$2.50 poorer

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