of mice and men discussion questions Flashcard Example #96104

setting of the book
early 1930’s
during depression
describe lennie
very strong, good worker, not very bright, harms things but doesnt mean to, has some sort of mental disorder
describe george
small, takes care of lennie, controlling, short-tempered
what animal is lennie compared to?
terrier, he doesnt want to bring a ball to his master
bear, he is big
what animal would you compare george to?
bird, he is small and smart
why were george and lennie run out of weed?
lennie was accused of rape because he was feeling a woman’s dress and likes soft things
who first greeted lennie and george?
who was whitey?
very clean man
whom did the boss punish because george and lennie were late
crooks (the african american)
what excuse does george give for lennie’s slowness?
got kicked in the head by a horse
who is slim?
nice man, jerkline skinner
what does slim offer lennie?
one of the new puppies
who kills candy’s dog?
lennie broke __________’s hand
name some possessions that crooks had in his room
books, single barreled shotgun, many shoes, big alarm clock
what does crooks say happens to a guy if he gets lonely
he goes nuts
what does crooks offer lennie, george, and candy offer in return to for working on a farm
he could work for a room
what is crooks’ reaction to the threats of curley’s wife?
he backs off
what does curley’s wife say is her husband’s main topic of conversation?
beating people
what did george get mad at candy for when he was talking to crooks?
candy told him about their dream with the farm
what did lennie do to the puppy?
accidentally killed it
what does curley say is his reason for liking rabbits so much?
he likes to pet nice/soft things, rabbits make him happy
guys who work in the fields are…
why does curley’s wife wants to talk to lennie?
wants someone to pay attention to her
where did lennie go after he killed curley’s wife?
to the bush by the river
who does candy blame for the murder of curley’s wife?
he blames her for her death
why is candy angry at the situation with curley’s wife’s death?
means the dream farm can’t happen
how does lennie treat death?
treats it like an accident, he didn’t mean the harm but he does cause it
what did curley’s wife want to be?
an actress
what is the true nature of lennie’s attack?
out of fear
what 2 hallucinations did lennie have?
aunt clara and rabbits
**both bring happiness and safety to lennie
before george shoots lennie, what does george tell lennie?
talks to lennie about their plan for the farm because he wants lennie to die happily
how do curley and carlson assume lennie’s death?
that lennie was trying to shoot george (but george got to him first) and that lennie is the one who stole carlson’s gun
why did george lie to the others about what happened?
so that they wouldn’t kill lennie
the description of lennie’s death recalls another event in this novel, what was the event?
when candy’s dog got shot
**they were both mercy killings which means putting them out of their misery
who is a well respected member of the farm that gets along with everyone?
who is the ranch’s boss’ son?
how did candy lose his hand?
in a farming accident
who is the only African American on the ranch?
who took care of lennie before george?
aunt clara

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