Of Mice And Men: Dreams and How They DIED Flashcard Example #84907

George and Lennie’s Dream
To someday be independent, and have their own little farm. Lennie will take care of the rabbits.
How George and Lennie’s Dream Dies
When Lennie kills Curley’s wife. George realizes that he has to kill Lennie, and that he can’t live out his dream with his best friend
Crook’s Dream
To be treated the same regardless of skin color, like when he was a kid.
How Crook’s Dream Dies
When Crooks stands up to Curley’s wife after she teases Lennie about the rabbits, she gives him a reality check by saying that she could get him lynched.
Candy’s Dream
To be wanted, needed
How Candy’s Dream Dies
Same reason as George and Lennie’s Dream
Curley’s Wife’s Dream
To be an actress. Subliminally, it’s to be respected or loved.
How Curley’s Wife’s Dream Dies
She marries Curley to get back at her mother.

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