Of Mice and Men Final (Exam)en Review Flashcard Example #30223

The initial description of Lennie reveals
His mental slowness and dependence on George
What is the significant importance of what happened in Weed County?
It lets the reader understand that Lennie can be unpredictable and
The fact that Lennie keeps a dead mouse in his pocket implies:
He is fond of soft textures and enjoys feeling them
Regarding Lennie, George is
1- George is often frustrated by Lennie’s mental slowness
2- Despite is anger towards Lennie, George still loves him
The scene in which George makes Lennie throw away the mouse shows:
How George must treat Lennie like a child
Why does Lennie insist that George retell the story about their dream?
Lennie is comforted by the repetition of the story and its details
Why is Lennie’s favorite part of the dream always about the Rabbits?
He enjoys the texture and feel of the rabbits’ fur
. The fact that George says Lennie can have any color rabbit he wants even, “Red and
blue and green rabbits” implies:
George may not take the dream very seriously early in the story
Candy explains that Curley’s aggressive nature is due to:
His short height makes him feel insecure and he feels he must prove himself
When they first arrive at the bunk house, Curley threatens Lennie because:
He wants to gain respect by trying to intimidate the biggest man on the farm
What do most people on the farm find unusual about George and Lennie’s
That they travel around together when most other people find work alone
Which statement explains the symbolic importance of George’s card game?
Despite having Lennie with him, at times George feels very alone
Slim’s drowning of four puppies right after his female dog gives birth reveals
The tough world in which the farm workers live where only the strong survive
Why is it important for George to tell Slim that Lennie never hurt the girl in Weed
County, but rather only scared her?
Slim is the leader of the bunk house and his opinion is the final authority
What is the importance of killing Candy’s dog?
It foreshadows the death of Lennie at the end of the novel
Why would Candy want to join George and Lennie’s dream?
He wants a place where he can peacefully live out the rest of his life
How does Candy joining the dream suddenly change its possibilities?
The money Candy offers to give, means they can actually afford the farm
What foreshadowed Lennie’s crushing Curley’s hand during the fight?
Lennie’s unusual strength and George’s caution against anyone trying to
pick a fight with him
Why is Crooks so defensive when Lennie comes into his room beside the barn?
He is resentful of the white workers who keep him out of the bunk house
What does the reader learn as a result of Crook’s verbal torment of Lennie?
It is really a reflection of himself and how lonely he feels living in the barn
What would the dream mean to Crooks, if he joined?
He would be treated equally and fairly
What is learned about Curley’s Wife’s own dream?
She wanted to be in pictures, yet she married Curley and came out to his ranch
How does Curley’s wife put an end to Crooks’ dream?
She reminds him he is a black man with no rights in a white society
Which event foreshadowed Lennie killing the puppy?
He would kill the mice by pinching their heads when they tried to bite him
Why is Lennie so upset over killing the puppy?
George said he could not tend the rabbits if he got in any trouble
Which event foreshadowed Lennie killing Curley’s wife?
. Lennie smacking the puppy because he thought it was trying to bite him
What event foreshadowed the possibility that Lennie might get in trouble like he did in Weed County?
George telling Lennie to hide at their first campsite, beside the stream
What do the two hallucinations (Aunt Clara and the giant Rabbit) represent?
His fear for what George will say when he scolds him for killing Curley’s wife
Why might Lennie’s two hallucinations come in the form of his aunt and a rabbit?
They are two things that Lennie values
George often scares Lennie by threatening to take away his responsibility to “tend
the rabbits” when they get their own place. Why might he do this?
George uses the threat as a way to control Lennie’s actions and behavior
Which event foreshadowed George killing Lennie?
Carlson killing Candy’s dog
Before he kills him, why is it important to George that Lennie knows he was never
mad at him?
He wants Lennie to die knowing that George cared for him
Why might George have decided not to run away with Lennie again?
He knows that Lennie will continue to get in trouble no matter where they go
After killing Lennie, what is the symbolic importance of throwing the pistol into the
It represents the end of George and Lennie’s dream
Why does George give up on the dream, even though Candy still wants to pursue it?
Lennie was the one who actually kept the dream alive
What was the ultimate appeal of the dream to George and Lennie?
It was place of their own, a place where they belonged
At the end of the story, what is the importance of George walking away with Slim to get a drink?
George is now like every other farm worker
Curley’s wife
This character was actually very lonely and wanted someone to talk to; Had a dream to be in the picture shows; the men thought she was a tramp; flirted with the farm hands so that she could get attention
this character is big; very strong; child like; mentally challenged; liked soft, pretty things; depended on George and saw him as parent/ authority figure; saw hallucinations of his Aunt Clara and a Gigantic Rabbit; he is often compared to a dog
This character was a victim of discrimination: because he was African America, he was not able to socialize with the other guys, be in the bunkhouse; was reminded of his place in society by Curley’s wife; Thought about being part of the dream; had a dream of having his place someday so that he could tend the rabbits
This character never considered himself smart, otherwise he wouldn’t be “working on a farm for fifty bucks a month”; he is small; cares for Lennie like a parent. feels lonely although he and Lennie are friends and travel together; had a dream of having a ranch some day
This character was a natural leader in the bunk house; “The Prince of the ranch”
This character killed Candys dog
Supplied the money for the dream; had a dog named Lulu.
The Boss
11. George feels compelled to lie to him so that he and Lennie do not get fired before they even start to work on the new ranch.
Lennie crushed his hand; doesn’t like big guys; feels insecure about his height; was a good boxer;
The Barn
Where Curley’s Wife finds Lennie and the dead puppy; where Lennie kills Curley’s Wife
The cave
Where Lennie threatens to go and live when he argues with George.
The Bunkhouse
Where Curley attacks Lennie and gets his hand crushed.
Campfire ashes
Where George throws the pistol after shooting Lennie.
The bunkhouse
Where Crooks is not allowed to go, except maybe on Christmas.
George learned early in his relationship with Lennie that:
George had a great deal of power over Lennie
The Dream
Gives them both a goal; for George is a place of his own; independence; George also uses the dream as a reward for Lennie’s good behavior
George and Lennie’s friendship seems unique or odd to those around them because:
Farmhands usually live solitary lives and drift around farms by themselves
George’s treatment of Lennie can best be described as:
Frustrating and Patient
The book’s title is accurate because:
Despite their planning, George and Lennie’s dream ultimately fails
What is Lennie excited about at the end of chapter Two?
Getting a puppy
When they first met, why did George stop playing jokes on Lennie?
Lennie almost drowned
What does Lennie do to Curley?
He crushes his hand
Why does Lenny throw the dead puppy?
He is trying to hide it from George
Curley’s wife thought her mom stole a letter, so she decided to …
Marry Curley
After killing Curley’s wife, why did Lennie run to their agreed place?
He knew he had done a bad thing

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