Of Mice and Men Study Guide Flashcard Example #39336

In what part of the country does the novel take place?
Near the Salinas River in CA
Words that describe Lennie:
follower, stupid, immature, childish, inattentive, care-free
Words that describe George:
leader, precise, planner, hard-working, educated, mature, mentor, strategizer
To what animal is Lennie compared to? Why?
A bear b/c he drags his feet the way a bear drags it paws
To what animal would you compare George? Why/
A cat b/c intelligent, planner, and sly.
Why were George and Lennie run out of Weed?
Lennie touched a woman and she screamed rape even though Lennie did not rape her and everyone believed her
What things does Lennie do and say to make him like a child?
Does George really want Lennie to go away?
No, because he keeps his life occupied saying that w/out him he would be a bored ranch worker w/ nothing to look forward to. Also, Lennie is big and strong and gets them a lot of jobs
What does ‘live of the fatta the lan'” mean?
to live naturally of nature’s bounty
Where does George tell Lennie to go and hide if he gets in trouble?
In the brush by the Salinas river
Who greeted George and Lennie at the bunk house?
Candy, an aging “swamper” who has lost his right hand
What unusual habits did Whitey have?
He was obsessively clean, wearing gloves all the time
Whom did the boss punish b/c George and Lennie were late? Why?
He punished Crooks, a black stable hand b/c the boss is racist
Why does George answer all the questions directed at Lennie?
He was scared his stupidity would mess w/ their job opportunity
How does the boss react to George’s friendship w/ Lennie?
He think’s its strange because men at that time usually didn’t build such close relationships b/c they were constantly switching jobs
What excuse does George make for Lennie’s stupidity?
He claims he was hit in the head by a horse
How does Curley react to Lennie’s silence?
He makes Lennie talk to test him
What does he think about George and Lennie’s traveling together?
He thinks that George is taking his pay from him
What does the swamper mean by the statement, “Curley’s pretty handy”
He’s a good boxer
What uneasy feeling does George have about Curley’s wife?
That she is a *****.
Examples of foreshadowing from Ch. 2
Curley’s wife will get in between Lennie and Curley b/c Lennie doesn’t know better
“Prince of Ranch”, everyone looks up to him, a mule driver.
What kind act does Slim do for Lennie?
Offers him a puppy
How does Slim react to George and Lennie’s traveling together
He had never seen something like that b/c grown men usually didn’t travel together
Why do you think George told Slim about what happened in Weed?
He trusts him and wants him to be weary of Lennie
From Carlson’s pov, list the words that describe Candy’s dog
Old, ratty, stinky, pain-filled hound, toothless, worthless.
What is Carlson’s solution to the problem of the dog?
Describe how Carlson shoots Candy’s dog.
In the back of the head so he can’t feel anything
What role does Candy play in helping George and Lennie to buy land?
He gives them $350 from the money he got from his hand if he can join them too
Why does Curley attack Lennie? What happens to Curley?
He was jeluous of Lennie for being so big so he picks a fight with him but Lennie ends up smashing his hand
Why is Crooks jealous of Lennie’s relationship w/ George?
He has no friends on the ranch and wants a companion
How does Crooks fill his loneliness?
reads books, leather works, thinks deeply
How does Crooks feel about livin off the fatta the lan?
He thinks its ridiculous because he has seen so many men with the same dream and they never get there, but he learns to admire the simplicity of it and wants to join them
Why does Curley’s wife interrupt Crooks, Candy, and Lennie?
She was looking for Curley although Curley actually went to a ***** house
Does Curley’s wife really know what happened to his hand?
Yes, she knows they were lying
How does she react to the incident?
She is glad someone injured him b/c he didn’t give her any attention and he was just trying to show off by getting in a fight
What does Lennie do to the puppy?
kills it
Why is he angry at the puppy?
He is blaming it for not being big enough and getting upset b/c now George would get mad and not let him tend the rabbits.
When Lennie does not want to talk to Curley’s wife, how does she react?
She asks him what the problem is with only talking and she is upset no one wants to talk to her
What does she ask Lennie to do?
To feel her hair b/c she claims it’s soft and he likes to pet soft things
How did Lennie kill her?
Lennie killed her by snapping her neck
Whom does Candy blame for the murder?
Curley’s wife herself b/c she flirted too much
Why does George leave and return to the scene of the crime w/ the others?
B/c he does not want to be framed and wants to give them the wrong directions to Lennie
Who does Carlson think has stolen his Luger pistol?
Where does Lennie hide?
In the brush were Lennie originally told him to hide.
Lennie has an unusual hallucination. Describe it.
Lennie hallucinates his Aunt Clara reprimanding him
How do the characters in Lennie’s dream treat him?
Like a screw-up, insulting him.
How does George kill Lennie?
By shooting him in the back of the head to put him out of his misery
What was killed in the same way?
the dog
Why did George lie to the others about what really happened?
So they would think it was self-defense and he wouldn’t be convicted
Near Salinas River, CA (Soledad)
SW ranch workers, great depression.
Opening Situation
Trying to get a job on the ranch, off the train and towards their job.
Rising Action
Lennie kills puppy
Lennie kills Curley’s wife
falling action
when all the ranch hands search for Lennie
when george kills lennie

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