Of Mice and Men Themes Flashcard Example #32028

American Dream
Lennie and George have always wanted to have their own farm/ house;

American dream = ANYONE, if they work hard enough can earn a living, have a house, wife and kids, and retire w/ money
Crooks talks about how he sees so many men who came to ranch wanting to earn money to get land but no one ever gets it

Role Of Woman
Curly’s wife’s name is never mentioned
Friendship between men
George and Lennies bond is special. They are loyal and care about each other
Most men at the time the book takes place in live and provide for themselves alone
Curly wears high-heeled boots to show he is powerful, Everyone wants to be powerful at the time the book takes place in
Power vs. Authority
Who has the power and who has the authority? Lennie has the power – physical strength and emotional over George because George loves Lennie deep down but doesn’t show it. George has the authority – tells Lennie what to do and what not to do

Power = the ABILITY to act affectively; determined too
Authority = the RIGHT to enforce laws; ONE WHO IS INVESTED with the right

The TONE of the book; desperation for: $, happiness, command over themselves/freedom/independence
For many different reasons:
Crooks – he’s African American + crippled
Lennie – mentally challenged
Curley’s wife – thought of as trouble; has the “eye” therefore they don’t want to loose their jobs
Curley – boss, imperious, has the authority, some men envious of him

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