Of Mice & Men Chapter 6 Flashcard Example #87610

1. Other than the death of the puppy at the beginning of chapter 5, what clues have there been throughout the book that lead up to Lennie’s killing of Curley’s wife?
Lennie’s trouble with Curley, and Lennie uncontrollable anger are some clues that lead up to the killing. Also, what Lennie did to the girl in the red dress from weed foreshadowed that something similar will happen in the future.
2. As Lennie is hiding in the brush waiting for George, he has two hallucinations. Describe the two separate hallucinations and explain how each are meaningful to Lennie and the reader.
Lennie’s hallucinations are Aunt Clara and a Giant Rabbit, they both scold him for disappointing George. They both represent the stress that Lennie feels, Aunt Clara and the rabbit verbalize the things Lennie fears the most.
3. Look carefully at the dialogue between George and Lennie right before the shooting. What’s interesting about the way George is talking?
He is having a dialogue with double meaning, during this dialogue George talks himself into doing what he needs to do.
4. Slim says, “You hadda, George…I swear you hadda.” Is this true? What would have happened if George had waited another five minutes?
This is true, if George had waited five minutes, there would have been an ugly scene where Curley and the men arrived, Lennie would have been killed in an uncivilized way and other people might have been hurt.
5. At what point did George decide he was going to have to kill Lennie? Look back over the end of ch. 5 for clues.
After Lennie had killed Curley’s wife, he asks Candy to give him a few minutes before announcing the news to everyone, in those few minutes he grabs Carlson’s gun, later Carlson’s gun is used to kill Lennie.
6. Why can’t Candy and George still get the dream farm? Explain why George turns away from Candy in chapter 5.
George realizes that for men like him, dreams don’t come true, there are always things that block him from fulfilling his dream. This dream was with Lennie, now that he’s killed Lennie, he was not going to continue without his friend.
7. What’s interesting about the last paragraph?
Steinbeck emphasizes the harshness of these men by having Carlson and Curley have no empathy for George after what happened. The harshness of the world is emphasized in these closing lines
8. What do you think will happen to George now?
George’s life is ruined, he will become like the other ranchmen who drift from job to job.

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