OF MICE & MEN CHARACTERS & Setting Flashcard Example #66454

Physically George is average height. He is Lenny’s friend and father figure. He is a hard working laborer who wants to keep a job and stay out of trouble. He is the brains of this friendship. He dreams of a better life.
Lenny is a very big guy but has the brains of a 3 year old. Today, he would be considered mentally disabled. He cannot look after himself and often finds himself getting into trouble. He relies on George to take care of him. A strong worker and crazy about rabbits.
Candy is a “swamper” on the ranch where George and Lenny are working. He cleans out the bunkhouses. He lost his hand in an accident.
He is considered the lead worker on the ranch. He is well respected by everyone. His word is law.
Curly is the bosses son. He is mean, and always angry. He is married and is always looking for his wife. He is controlling, jealous and likes to start trouble. He boxes.
Married Curly just to get out of her own house. She is very flirtatious with the men on the ranch.
Another ranch hand who owns a gun called a “Luger”
Crooks is the only Africa American in the novel. Because of his skin color he is forced to sleep in the barn. He is lonely. Ironically, he is the most educated because he reads a lot of books.
The story takes place during the Great Depression of the 1930’s. The setting is in central California near the Gabilan Mountains on one of the many ranches where they harvested fruit or grain.
The author. He wrote many novels which took place in California. Most of his characters were struggling just to stay alive, but they were also caught up in the dream of a better life.

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