Othello Act 1 Study Guide Flashcard Example #27161

Why is Roderigo upset with Iago when the scene opens? What is the nature of their involvement with one another?
Roderigo is upset with Iago because Roderigo is in love with desdoemona and he is using Iago as a messenger or a deliverer to desdemona Desdemona and Othello are together now and Iago didn’t do anything about it. The reason why iago is acting close to Othello is because to get revenge on him.
Why is Iago upset at the beginning of the scene? What is his opinion of Michael Cassio?
Iago is upset because he didn’t get the promotion. Iago doesn’t like Cassio because Cassio got the job that Iago wanted.
What does Iago say to Roderigo about his feelings for Othello? Why does Iago feel this way?
Iago says that he hates Othello because Othello chose cassio to be his leutendent and not him he thought Othello should’ve chosen him.
What does the expression “to wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve” mean? What does Iago think about performing this behavior?
To show your emotions he doesn’t like to do it because he thinks it shows weakness.
What does Iago convince Roderigo to do? Why?
lago convinces roderigo to stand outside desdemonas fathers house and wake him up by shouting as loud as they could they did this to tell her father that she is with Othello.
What is Brabantio’s reaction when he discovers who is awakening him?
Barbantio is mad that Rodrigo woke him up because he doesn’t like Rodrigo at all and Barbantio already told him to get off his property and to never come back.
How does Othello respond when Iago tells him that Brabantio is looking to punish him for eloping with Desdemona (Brabantio’s daughter)? What do Othello’s first words reveal about his personality?
Othello’s response was he said “Let him do his worst” Othello tells Iago that he is from a royal family this reveals that he is noble.
What news does Michael Cassio bring upon his arrival?
Cassio brings news to Othello saying that there are many people trying to look for you Worships are sending messages.
To what does Brabantio attribute Desdemona’s affection for Othello?
Barbantio thinks that Othello has put a spell desdamona (drugged her, kid napped her) did something so she would like her.
What military issue does the Duke of Venice and his senators meet to discuss? Explain
A bunch of ships are coming over to Cyprus from Turkey. There are different reports from other people and then they find out that its not coming to Cyprus and then says that its coming towards Cyprus with more ships.
What accusation does Brabantio make against Othello to the Duke?
Accusing him of drugging or putting a spell on his daughter.
What explanation does Othello give as a cause for Desdemona’s affection for him?
He says that she fell in love with his life stories and wanted to hear them all the time when he told them to Barbantio and she over heard them and fell in love with them and him.
To whom does Desdemona pledge her duty?
Desdemona pledges her duty to Othello, Her husband
In the final speech of Act I, what exactly does Iago plan to do in order to exact revenge on Othello and Cassio?
His plan is to convince Othello that cassio is having an affair with Desdmona.

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