Othello Act 2 Questions Flashcard Example #48493

Who is Montano?
Govt. official in Cypruss
For who’s safety does Cassio pray for ; why?
Othello’s because he wants to make sure he is shipped well because of his importance in the war
What kind of relationship does Emilia & Iago have?
Love/ Hate relationship
What is Iago’s opinion on women?
He hates them ; they are objects
Why did Iago make all those negative comments about women?
Because he was trying to get Cassio to stand up for Desdemona
Why would Desdemona love Cassio?
He is younger and better looking
What doe Iago tell Roderigo to do to Cassio
Make him mad while on duty
Who does Iago know is hot-tempered?
Who does Othello leave in charge of the party?
Who is Jove?
Roman God of Weather
Who does Iago get Cassio to talk about?
What does Iago press Cassio into doing?
Why does Iago tell Roderigo to follow Cassio?
To start a fight with Cassio
When Othello comes in because of the fight, who does he look for an honest answer?
What happens to Cassio as a result of the fight?
He loses his job
What is Cassio’s reputation that is past surgery?
His reputation
Why is Cassio’s reputation the part of him that is “Immortal?”
It’s what people will remember him by
How does Cassio feel about himself after losing his job?
He feels ashamed of himself
Who does Iago tell Cassio to talk to in an attempt to regain his position in Othello’s eyes?

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