Othello Act 5 Flashcard Example #98534

What reasons does Iago have for wanting both Cassio and Roderigo dead?
Roderigo knows too much and threatens to get the jewels from Desdemona. Iago is envious of Cassio
What is the result of Roderigo’s attack on Cassio? Who wounds Cassio? Who kills Roderigo?
Othello and Desdemona stay in Cyprus
Iago wounds Cassio and Cassio wounds Roderigo
How does Othello still regard Iago? What does he say Desdemona can expect?
Iago has kept his word about killing Cassio within 3 days, calls him brave and honest
Says Desdemona can expect death
Who kills Roderigo?
Iago (Looks like he’s defending Cassio)
Whom does Iago say might be to blame for Cassio’s being attacked?
What does Iago suggest is a sign of Bianca’s guilt?
What is a more likely explanation of this “sign”?
That she’s pale.
The last place Cassio was, was in Bianca’s house
Whose “light” will Othello put out?
Desdemona’s (can always light a candle again, but can’t make a person alive again)
What does Othello want to make sure of before he kills Desdemona?
That she won’t go to hell (makes her say a prayer)
What sins does Desdemona say she has committed?
She betrayed her father to run off w Othello
How does Desdemona defend herself in response to Othello’s accusations?
Cassio just found the handkerchief coincidentally
How does Othello interpret Desdemona’s tears?
Additional proof; crying over Cassio (crying because she is old friends w Cassio and is pleading for her life)
How does Othello kill Desdemona?
smothers her
What news does Emilia report? What surprises Othello?
Says Cassio killed Roderigo and Cassio is alive; Othello is surprised (Iago actually killed Roderigo)
Whom does Desdemona say is guilty of her death?
What does Desdemona use her last breath to say?
1) To establish her innocence
2) To protect Othello
What does Othello tell Emilia about killing Desdemona?
Even on her deathbed, she is lying and will go to hell, admits to killing her (in his mind he has carried out justice)
What phrase does Emilia repeat? What is she only now realizing?
Keeps repeating “My husband!”
Who responds to Emilia’s screams?
Montano (Gratiano and Iago came too, but he answered)
What does Emilia demand to know from Iago? What does she conclude by his answer?
If Iago lied to Othello about Desdemona. She concludes that he was involved and he lied
How does Iago answer Emilia? What does she say about her obedience to him?
Tells her to shut up and go home.
She says it’s the proper thing to obey him but she won’t right now
What happened to Brabantio? What would he do if he could hear of this?
He died from his grief of Othello and Desdemona getting married
What does Emilia reveal?
She gave the handkerchief to Iago
What happens to Emilia?
Iago stabs her
What does Othello say will happen when he and Desdemona meet at Judgment Day?
She did everything right and she ended so terribly; one glance from her and he will go to hell
What does Othello have to say for himself?
What does Othello ask of Cassio? What does he want to know from Iago? What is Iago’s response?
What does the group learn from the letters found in the dead Roderigo’s pocket?
What did Roderigo himself say as he lay dying?
What will happen to Othello? to Iago and Cassio?
Whom did Othello kill in Aleppo? Whom does he kill now?
How does Othello talk of him murdering Desdemona To Emilia?
He is trying justify it

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