Plot summary- Of Mice and Men Flashcard Example #73467

Chapter One
George and Lennie spend night by pool before starting at new ranch, George is annoyed at Lennie because they’ve had to leave last job in Weed. We learn that Lennie has a habit of getting into trouble. We hear about dream ranch.
Chapter Two
G and L arrive at ranch late; boss is angry. Candy explains to them what life is like on the ranch. G and L meet most main people on ranch; Curley, his wife and Slim. Curley tries to pick fight with Lennie. Curley’s wife flirts and catches Lennie’s attention
Chapter Three
George chats to Slim and tells him what happened in Weed. Carlson wants to shoot Candy’s dog; its useless and smells. Candy gives in, Carlson shoots it. G and L talk about their dream farm, Candy over hears and offers money to them. Curley starts fight with Lennie, Lennie crushes his hand, Slim convinces Curley to say his hand got caught in a machine.
Chapter Four
Lennie wanders into Crook’s room, eventually Crooks lets him stay. Candy joins them, feels uncomfortable but soon they all start talking about the dream. Curley’s wife comes in and ruins it. Candy stands up to her, she calls them weak. Men come back from town, CW leaves and G tells L off for being in Crooks room and telling people about dream, Crooks says hes not interested anyway.
Chapter Five
Lennie in barn accidentally kills puppy. CW finds him, start talking about her dream of being a movie star. CW lets Lennie stoke her hair but he strokes to hard, she starts screaming, Lennie doesn’t want George to know hes with her, panics and breaks her neck. Lennie runs away, Candy finds her in barn, other men decide to hun Lennie down.
Chapter Six
Lennie goes back to pool and ‘sees’ Aunt Clara and a giant rabbit who lecture him about his faults. George finds Lennie by pool and calms him down by telling him about the dream. George knows Curley’s going to kill Lennie painfully so shoots Lennie himself before the other men arrive. Slim consoles him.

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