Questions for Animal Farm with answers Flashcard Example #38518

Why does Old Major gather all the animals together?
Old Major gathers the animals to tell them of a dream he had the previous night and to talk of a rebellion against man.
Who does Old Major consider as the only real enemy that the animals have?
Old Major considers the only real enemy as being man.
What is the significance of “Beasts of England”?
“Beasts of England” is significant because it is inspiration and a goal the animals want to achieve by rebelling.
What is Animalism?
Animalism is the belief that all men are evil and, by uniting, the animals can overthrow them.
What is the purpose of the Seven Commandments?
The Seven Commandments simplified the ideas of Animalism and provided a set of guidelines for the animals on the farm to follow.
Why does the milk incident hint of what is to come?
The milk incident foreshadows how the pigs’ will take advantage of the other animals on the farm.
Why do all of the animals admire Boxer?
Boxer is admired for his determination to do more and his hard work.
What does this statement, “I will work harder” tell you about Boxer?
Boxer is a dedicated worker who tries to do the best he can.
Why does Napoleon feel that the education of the young is important?
Napoleon believes that educating the young is inportant because they will be able to carry on the ideas after the older animals are gone.
What do the animals say is the distinguishing mark of a man?
The distinguishing mark of man is his hand
What does Squealer mean when he says, “We pigs are brainworkers”?
Squealer means that the pigs are meant to use their intellect, not do physical labor.
Who are Frederick and Pinchfield?
Pinchfield is the neighboring farm and Frederick is the farmer.
What does Boxer do to the stable lad during the battle?
Boxer knocked the stable lad unconscious with his hoof.
What do the animals name the battle in which they fight against Jones and the other farmers?
The animals name the battle, Battle of the Cowshed.
In this battle what award is conferred on Snowball and Boxer?
Snowball and Boxer both recieve the “Animal Hero, First Class” award.
Describe the military celebration that occurs on the anniversary of the Battle of Cowshed?
On every anniversary, Jones’ gun would be fired into the air twice.
What does Clover find hidden under the straw in Mollie’s stall?
Clover found hidden some lumbs of sugar and several ribbons.
What finally happens to Mollie?
Mollie leaves the farm and is seen pulling a dogcart for another farmer.
What is Snowball’s scheme for providing electrical power to Animal Farm?
Snowball’s scheme is to build a windmill to provide electrical power to Animal Farm.
Who became the opposing political leaders in the animal community?
Napoleon and Snowball became opposing leaders.
Why is Napoleon so jealous of Snowball?
Napoleon is jealous of Snowball’s greater intellect and his being a better speaker.
What had Napoleon trained his dogs to do? Why?
Napoleon had trained the dogs to guard him and to attack on command.
When Napoleon realized that Snowball is going to win the election, what does he do?
Napoleon commands his dogs to attack Snowball and chase him away.
What title does Napoleon wish to be called?
Napoleon wishes to be called “The Leader.”
What is happening to the Seven Commandments?
The Seven Commandments are being changed to accomodate the pigs and the dogs.
What does the 7 commandments being changed foreshadow in Animal Farm?
This forshadows the pigs eventual take over of Animal Farm. (The pigs are becoming dictators.)
What happens to the windmill the first time?
The windmill is destroyed by Snowball.
What are some of the effects of the winter?
The winter depleted the food supply, which caused Napoleon to sell the hens’ eggs for grain.
What type of contract does Napoleon make with Mr. Whymper about the hens’ eggs?
Napoleon made a contract that said Mr. Whymper would receive 400 eggs a week.
What is the hens’ plan of rebellion?
The hens plan to fly to the rafters and lay their eggs, so they hit the ground and break.
On whom does Napoleon blame all the destruction? Why?
Napoleon blames the destruction on Snowball because he didnt like Snowball, and Napoleon wants to turn the other animals against him.
What is Boxer’s solution to every problem?
to work harder
What does Napolion do to the pigs, sheep and hens who confess to crimes against him?
kills them
Why are the animals fobidden to sing “Beasts of England”?
it was the song of the rebellion and the rebellion was now over
What is the lumber deal that Napoleon makes?
he sells the lumber to fredrick for 5 pound notes
What happens to the windmill?
it was blown up by fredrick and his men
Why does Napoleon decree that drinking alcohol will be punished by death?
because the alcohol was all for the pigs
Why is Squealer so important to the success of Animalism?
he had to convince the other animals that what napolean said was true and their memories were wrong
What is Boxer’s sole ambition?
to see the windmill mostly finished before he retires and to work harder
What happens to Boxer?
he gets turned into glue
Why does Benjamin feel that the other animals are fools?
they don’t realize whats written on the side of the van until its leaving
What is Squealer doing when Clover sees him?
walking on two legs
What human habits have the pigs acquired?
walking on two legs…drinking alcohol…..wearing clothes….etc.
Why is there no longer any difference between the pigs and the humans?
the pigs have become just as evil as the humans
why does napoleon choose the pups as the starting place in his plan to educate the young?
then species of dogs are intelligent loyal and willing to learn.
why does napoleon let snowball complete the plans for the windmill before driving him away?
he couldn’t do it himself.
why do the animals submit to napoleons domination?
because they keep thinking that since mr. jones is gone things will get better.
What political function does napoleon serve for napoleon?

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