Romeo an Juliet Act 1 Summary Flashcard Example #78335

Act 1 scene 1
Who servings frim the capulet household are boasting and then see two montague servants. They begin to fight when Benvolio montague attempts to stop them but tybalt capulet attacks Benvolio and it becomes a brawl including the houses heads. The prince stops the fights and tells them next time they will be executed.

With the fight over a lovesick Romeo is introduced as he loves rosaline capulet and Benvolio tries to cheer him up as Romeo can’t win her heart Benvolio believes the best remedy is a new girl.

Act 1 scene 2
Count Paris would like to marry Juliet and capulet gives him permission as long as Juliet agrees and that they can’t marry till two years when Juliet is 16 and capulet will be holding a feast.
Capulet gives a list of names to a set any but the servant is illiterate and asks Romeo for help not knowing who he is and Romeo reads rosalines name and he wants to go
Act 1 scene 3
Lady capulet and the nurse discuss marriage and Juliet’s age the nurse says it’s too early for Juliet despite that lady capulet is eager to marry Juliet off to Paris and talks to Juliet about it and Juliet says she is not to keen on it but she does not turn the marriage down
Act 1 scene 4
Romeo and his friends disguised in masks are about to enter the capulet house. Romeos love for rosaline has made him miserable and he exclaims how he does not wish to dance at the party although his friends wish to cheer him up. Romeo also speaks of a dream he had that has made him uneasy and mercutio not tell him dreams are wrong and often forgotten but Romeo is convinced something bad will happen.
Act 1 scene 5
The capulet feast is lively and capulet is greeting guests and the servants are busy. Romeo spots Juliet and quickly falls in love. Tybalt a recognises Romeos voice and goes to attack him immediately but capulet stops him and says Romeo is well mannered and to leave it and is angry tybalt was about to spoil his party and tybalt sweats revenge in Romeo
When Romeo approaches Juliet she falls in love aswell after talking Romeo convinced her to kiss him and they do it twice they also find out who each other are and can tell the fate coming and wonders about love or loyalty and the results their love may have

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