romeo and juliet characters characteristics Flashcard Example #91909

lord capulet
juliets father, rich, strong- willed, outspoken, harsh, strict, in his 50s
lady capulet
juliets mother, nasty temper, strict, an obidient wife, in her 30s
daughter of lord and lady capulet, only child, 13 years old, naive, child like, shy, innocent and obidient, (until romeo comes along)
lord and lady capulets nephew and juliet’s cousin, energentic, hot- tempered, a fighter, late teens
juliets personal servant, advisor, and mother figure comic character: humorous, talkative, and inderent
servant to the nurse
sampson and gregory
capulet servants
lord montague
romeo’s father, calm, laidback, and easy going
lady montague
romeo’s mother, quiet
son of lord and lady montague, only child age: 16- n17, lovesick, impulsive, passionate, intellegent, sensative, and handsome
lord and lady montague’s nephew and romeo’s cousin/friend, peaceful, dislikes fighting, late teens
abram and ballthasar
montague servants
Prince escalus
Ruler of Verona, Italy, symbol of Justice and Law and Order
Price escalus’s nephew, early twenties, noble man, suitor to Juliet, ideal husband for Juliet,
Prince escalus’s nephew, loyal friend to Romeo, comic character, clever, humorous, witty
Friar Lawrence
Catholic priests and pharmacist Council or of Romeo helps Romeo and Juliet

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