Romeo and Juliet Flashcard Example #87742

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What city does the play take place?
Who are the families fighting?
The Montagues and the Capulets
Why are the Montagues and the Capulets fighting?
An ancient grudge, probably bc of land and power
What does the prologue say is the only thing that will end their parents’ rage?
That 2 children from both families one from the Capulets and one from the Montagues fall in love but would kill themselves
What is the purpose of the prologue?
To hook the reader
What type of poem is the prologue?
A sonnet
What does Shakespeare do to highlight important parts in the plot?
He writes it as a sonnet
What is the exposition of Romeo and Juliet?
Prologue and Act 1
Who started the fight in Act 1 Scene 1?
Sampson a Capulet
Who is Sampson?
A servant of Capulet
Who is Romeo?
Son of Montague
Who is Benvolio?
Romeos friend and nephew of Montague
Who is Balthasar?
Servant of Montague
Who is Abram?
Servant of Montague
Who is Juliet?
Daughter of Capulet
Who is Tybalt?
Nephew of Lady Capulet, a great but violent swordsman
Who is Peter?
Juliet’s nurses servant
Who is Gregory?
The Capulets servant
Who is Prince Escalus?
Ruler of Verona
Who is Mercutio?
Friend of Romeo, and relative of the Prince, he is a bit wild and funny, and a bit paranoid
What is a Friar?
A Franciscan priest
Who is Count Paris?
A young nobleman who is related to the Prince
What is the rising Action?
Act 2
What is the resolution?
Act 5
What warning does the Prince give the street fighters?
That of they fight again then the head of the families will be killed?
Why is the Prince’s warning to the street fighters so effective and important?
It stops all the underlings from fight, and it shows how much power the prince has
Where is Romeo during the first fight?
What makes Romeo so upset in the being of the story?
The lady he loves does not love him back
Who is Romeo in love with first?
Does Lord Capulet want Juliet to marry at her age?
Who changes Lord Capulets mind about Juliet getting married, how?
Paris, and he changes his mind by saying others marry so young and are happy
What does Capulet ask his servant to do in the first act that he can not?
To invite people to a party from a list but he can’t read
How does Romeo find out party and what fact interests him in particular?
He helps a servant read the party list and learns Rosaline would be there
What does Romeo decide to do after he helps the servant?
He decides to go to the party
What is the Nurses relation to Juliet?
The nurse raised Juliet
How old is Juliet?
13 but it 2 weeks or so from being 14
What does lady Capulet tell Juliet in the first act?
That Paris wants Juliet’s hand in marriage.
How does Juliet react to the news that Paris intended a to marry her?
She is shocked and says marriage didn’t cross her mind
What is the nurses reaction to Juliet getting married?
She is giddy
Who is in the streets before the party?
Romeo, Mercutio, Bonvolio, and their friends
What are Romeos and his friends doing in the street?
Walking to the party and talking
What happened in Mercutio’s story?
He describes Queen Mab the fairy who brings dreams or nightmares to people
How are Mercutio and Benvolio foils of Romeo?
Romeo is sensitive like Benvolio but also crazy like Mercutio
What does Romeo say he fears on his way to the party?
That something bad will happen that will lead to his early death
What are the people at the party doing?
Talking and dancing
Who is the first person to recognize Romeo at the party and how do they react?
Tybalt, and he wants to fight him
How does Capulet react to Romeo at the party?
He tells Tybalt not to fight with Romeo because Romeo is said to be a nice person
How does Shakespeare emphasis the inciting incident?
It’s a sonnet
What is the inciting incident?
When Romeo and Juliet kiss
What is the purpose of the chorus and what is special about it?
It foreshadowing and it is a sonnet
How does Benvolio describe Romeos love?
Blind, and that he is also blinded with love
What happens at the balcony scene?
Romeo spies on Juliet then thy talk, Romeo proposes, are and they make a plan
What do Romeo and Juliet proclaim to each other during the balcony scene?
Their love for each other
What do Romeo and Juliet plan to do after the balcony scene?
Where is Romeo planning to go after the balcony scene?
To his priest to plan his marriage
What fault does the Friar see in Romeo?
He falls in love t quickly
What is Romeos biggest character flaw?
He is fickle
What line that the priest say that foreshadows the future?
“Within the infant rind of the weak flower/ poison hath residence and medicine power
What did Tybalt say to Romeo in the letter he sent?
He challenged him to a duel
Why are Mercutio and Benvolio upset with Romeo?
He ditched them
Why did the nurse come for Romeo?
Juliet sent her like Romeo planned
What part does the nurse play in Romeo and Juliet’s scheme?
What is Romeos and Juliet’s plan for marrying?
Juliet would go to confession, and would sneak and gets tried instead
Why is Juliet upset in the the beginning of act 2 scene 5?
It has been 3 hours and the nurse hasn’t come back yet with the news yet
Why did Shakespeare draw out the nurse giving Juliet her news?
To build suspense
What does the Nurse have for Juliet?
The plan for her and Romeos wedding
What advice does the Friar have for Romeo?
To let the relationship progress more slowly
What does Romeo ask Juliet to do at their wedding?
To tell the Friar that she loves him just as much as he lovers her
How does Juliet describe her love for Romeo to the Friar?
That it is vast that she cannot describe it
Why did the Friar decide to marry Romeo and Juliet?
To stop the fighting between their families
How does the weather characterize the tone of the Mercutio Tybalt fight?
The heat shows that things are going to be intense
What causes the sword fight between Mercutio and Tybalt?
Mercutio stood up for Romeo when Tybalt was beating him up
Why does Romeo fight Tybalt?
Tybalt killed Mercutio
How is Mercutio killed?
He is stabbed by Tybalt
Why does Romeo mean by calling himself “fortunes fool”?
His fortune is so up and down its like his fate is mocking you
What is Benvolio used as a lot?
A character who summarized what happens
What is the climax?
Romeos kills Tybalt
Who was the first killed?
Who is the second killed?
What is Romeos punishment, why?
He is exiled, BC he fought
Why wouldn’t the Prince show Romeos mercy?
BC he still killed
What do we know that Juliet doesn’t know after the climax? What irony is being used?
That Romeo killed Tybalt, dramatic irony
What news does the Nurse bring Juliet after her wedding?
That Romeo killed Tybalt
What is Juliet’s reaction to the Nurse brings after her wedding?
She hates on Romeo
Who does the Nurse blame Juliet’s unhappiness on?
Why did Juliet turn against the Nurse?
The Nurse talked bad about Romeo
When Juliet comprehends what happened, why does she fix in the word “Banished”?
She thinks it’s an unreasonable punishment, she would rather he was dead than banished
What did the Nurse do when Juliet freaks out about never consummating their marriage?
She goes and gets Romeo
What is Romeos reaction to his punishment?
He flips out and says that death would be better than banishment
Why is the Friar angry with Romeos reaction to his punishment?
He is being angry
What does banishment mean to Romeo?
It means that he can’t see Juliet
How is Romeo a madman?
He prefers death to banishment and is inconsolable about it but won’t listen to anyone
What news does the Nurse bring to Romeo after Romeo gets his punishment?
Juliet is freaking out and greiving
What does the Friar tell Romeo after Romeo threatens suicide?
He basically said you’ve had all the luck and your being a big baby so suck it up and go to Juliet, then go to Mantua and come back when things cool down
Where does Romeo go after he learns his punishment?
With Juliet, then to Mantua
What do we know that the Capulets, Montagues, and Paris are ignorant of?
That Romeo and Juliet are married
What news does Lord Capulet have for Juliet?
That Paris and her will get married on Thursday
Why must Romeo leave Juliet?
If he is found he will be killed
How is fortune/date characterized? Why?
Fickle, BC it changes
What does Lady Capulet is the reason for Juliet’s ill feelings, what is the true reason?
Tybalts death, Romeo leaving
What plans does Lady Capulet have for Romeo?
She plans to murder Romeo using poison
What news does Lady Capulet have for Juliet after Romeo leaves?
Paris and Juliet are getting married on Thursday
What is Juliet’s reaction to her parents telling her she is getting married to Paris?
She said she would much rather married Romeo, which to her parents sounds like a huge refusal to her parents
How does Lord Capulet take Juliet’s refusal to get married? And why did he think she refused?
He took it badly and cursed her out, and he thought it was BC she wasn’t in love with Paris and thought she was too young
What is the Nurse’s solution to Juliet’s problem?
That Juliet should marry Paris
What plans does Juliet have to deal with Upcoming marriage to Paris?
To seek counsel from Friar Lawrence and if she can’t find an answer than she will kill herself
According to Paris, why is Lord Capulet pushing his daughter to marry so quickly?
He cares so much that she was crying so much and he wanted to make her feel better
Why has Juliet gone to Friar Lawrence after she learns she is marrying Paris?
For advice
What is the Friars plan for getting Juliet to Mantua?
Juliet will take a distilled poison and fall into a deep sleep that will be mistaken for death, she will be taken to the Capulet vault and Romeo will come wake her and they would run to Mantua
What news does Juliet have for her father after visiting Friar Lawrence?
She says she’s ok with marrying Paris
Why does Juliet say she wants the be alone after her wedding to Paris is moved earlier?
She want to pray
How does Juliet explain Friars actions?
The Friar is to holy to kill her using the potion
What vision that Juliet has makes her seize the potion and drink it?
She thinks tybalts ghost was haunting her
How does the scene where the Capulets are planning Juliet’s marriage, to Juliet taking the vial?
One is death, the other is life
What is the nurse’s reaction to Juliet faked death?
She is grieving
What is the reaction to Lady Capulet Juliet faked death?
She doesn’t know how to react so she mimics the nurse
What is the reaction to Capulets Juliet faked death?
He’s upset but he’s matter a fact about it
What is the reaction Of Paris to Juliet faked death?
He’s upset and angry
What is the Friars reaction to Juliet faked death?
He is consoling everyone
Whose reactions to Juliet’s fake death were honest?
The nurse and Paris
What consolation does the Friar offer to the grieving Capulet?
Juliet’s in heaven now
Does Lord Capulet feel any guilt after Juliet died?
What is te purpose of Peter and the musicians?
To make some comic relief so the audience doesn’t think that this scene is the real tragedy
What news does Balthasar have for Romeo?
That he saw Juliet dead
Has Romeo received the letter from the Friar when Balthasar gives him the news?
Why did Romeo go to the apothecary?
To buy poison to kill himself
What “poison” has Romeo “sold” the apothecary?
He gave him money the route of all evil
Why didn’t Friar John get the letter to Romeo?
The mantua health officers put him in quarantine since then visited the plaque ridden
Where does Friar Lawrence have to go after learning Friar John couldn’t delivery his message?
Juliet’s tomb BC if the letter didn’t go to Romeo then no one would be there to help her when she wakes in 3 hours
Why is Paris in Juliet’s tomb?
To say goodbye to Juliet and put flowers on her
What is the excuse Romeo gives Balthasar for wanting to go into the tomb alone?
To take a ring from Juliet and to say goodbye
What will Romeo do it Balthasar enters the tomb?
He will tear him limb from limb
What does Romeo want Paris to do? Why?
To run away so he doesn’t have to kill him
Why does Romeo see Paris as another victim?
He was innocent, all he did was love Juliet and Romeo didn’t want to kill Paris
Who is the 3rd killed?
What does Romeo ask for when he sees Tybalt?
What had Romeo done to himself after seeing Juliet’s tomb?
He drank poison and dies
When Juliet awakens to Romeo dead, what does the Friar what her to do?
Join a nunnery
What does Juliet decide to do after Romeo kills himself?
Stab herself
How do lord Capulet and Lady Capulet react to the sight in the tomb?
They freak out
Who is the 4th killed?
Who is the 5th dead?
Who is the 6th dead?
Lady Montague
Why does the Prince want Montague to go to the vault?
He wants him to see what happened
What does the Friar tell those in the tomb?
He tells the entire play in his perspective
What does the letter written by Romeo say?
It was his side of the story
Where does the Prince place blame?
The families
What becomes of the feud between the families at the play’s end?
They make up and share their grief
Monologue defined
A speech with people
Soliloquy defined
A speech without anyone hearing
Aside defined
Spoken by a character only to the audience it isn’t heard by other characters
Sonnet defined
Poem of 14 lines, 10 syllables each
Iambic Pentameter defined
five sets of unstressed syllables followed by stressed syllables.
Situational Irony defined
Something happens that no one expects
Dramatic Irony defined
The audience knows what characters do not
Verbal Irony defined
A character says something opposite of what they mean
Foil defined
When 2 different characters are different and 1 character is a mix of the 2
What happened on Sunday
In the morning: the fight between the Montagues and Capulets while Romeo pines in the forest
Afternoon: Lord Capulet talks to Paris about Juliet, and Romeo and Benvolio hear about a party where Rosaline Romeos crush will be
Early Evening: Juliet is informed of Paris’s interest in her and Romeo and his friends walk to the party
Evening: Romeo and Juliet meet and fall in love, Tybalt gets angry that Romeo shows up
Night/early morning: Romeo ditches his friends and does the famous balcony scene with Juliet
What happened on Monday
Early morning: Romeo goes to Friar Lawrence to arrange his marriage
Noon: Romeo meets up with the Nurse
Early Afternoon: Juliet learns of her nuptials
Afternoon: Romeo and Juliet get married then Mercutio gets killed by Tybalt and Romeo kills Tybalt
Late afternoon: Juliet and Romeo learn of his punishment
Evening: Romeo comes over and consummated his marriage meanwhile Lord Capulet decides Juliet will marry Paris
What happened on Tuesday
Early morning: Romeo leaves for Mantua and Juliet is told she must marry Paris on Thursday or else
Afternoon: Paris talks to the Friar about the wedding, Juliet goes to Friar Lawerence and he suggests a drug, and Friar sends word via Frair John to Romeo
Early Evening: Lord Capulet plans a big wedding, Juliet pretend to cooperate with the wedding and her father moves it up a day
Evening: Juliet takes the potion
What happened on Wednesday
Early Morning: The Capulets discover Juliet’s body
What happened on Thursday
Afternoon: Romeo hears that Juliet is dead so he buys poison
Evening: Friar Lawerence figures out his message was not sent to Romeo me Friar Lawrence sends another letter to Romeo and goes to help Juliet
Late evening: Paris visits Juliet’s tomb, Romeo shows up and kills Paris, Romeo takes the poison does, Juliet wakes up and the Friar tells her to go to a nunnery but she decides to kill herself instead
Night: the prince, the Capulets and lord Montague show up and piece together what happened
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