Romeo and Juliet- List of Allusions: Act 1 Flashcard Example #10706

Aurora (Aurora’s bed)
the goddess of dawn in Roman Mythology
the god of erotic love in Roman Mythology
Dian (Dian’s wit)
Diana, goddess of the hunt in Roman Mythology
a person from Ethiopia, a country in Africa
Holy Palmer’s Kiss
a “palmer” is a Christian pilgrim who brought back a palm leaf as a symbol of his journey to the holy land
July 31, the evening before Lammas Day ( August 1) which is the festival of wheat harvest
Lammas Day, August 1, which is the festival of wheat harvest
a feast day of the Christian calendar; seven weeks after Easter Sunday
Poor John
a small, shriveled-up fish
Queen Mab
a fairy queen
Spanish blades
Spanish swords
Tartar’s Painted Bow of Lath
a colorful cross bow

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