Romeo and Juliet Major Events Flashcard Example #22024

Act 1 Scene 1
Capulets and Montegues are fighting, Prince gets mad
Act 1 Scene 2
Discussion of marriage to Juliet by Paris and Capulet, Romeo agrees to go to party
Act 1 Scene 3
Lady Capulet tells Juliet about proposal
Act 1 Scene 4
Mercutio gives weird Queen Mab speech while they go to the party
Act 1 Scene 5
Juliet and Romeo meet and they fall in love even though they are enemies
Act 2 Scene 1
Romeo hops the fence to Juliet
Act 2 Scene 2
Balcony scene and plan to marry
Act 2 Scene 3
Romeo goes to Friar Laurence to ask if he will marry them and he agrees hoping it will bring the families together
Act 2 Scene 4
Nurse and Romeo and his friends talk about the wedding and make fun of Tybalt
Act 2 Scene 5
Juliet gets the news that she will be marrying tonight
Act 2 Scene 6
Romeo and Juliet get married
Act 3 Scene 1
Tybalt and Mercutio fight and Tybalt kills him then Romeo and Tybalt fight and Romeo kills Tybalt then the prince banishes him
Act 3 Scene 2
Juliet hears about Romeo and Tybalt
Act 3 Scene 3
Romeo goes to Friar Laurence and they plan for Romeo to hide in Mantua until it all blows over
Act 3 Scene 4
Lord Capulet agrees to marriage of Paris and Juliet and wants them to marry in 3 days
Act 3 Scene 5
Romeo leaves and Lady Capulet tells Juliet about Paris and Juliet refuses and Capulet says he will disown her if she doesn’t so she goes to Fr. Laurence
Act 4 Scene 1
Friar Laurence makes the plan for Juliet to drink a sleeping drug to escape the wedding
Act 4 Scene 2
Juliet says she will marry Paris but the wedding gets moved to the next day
Act 4 Scene 3
Juliet drinks the potion
Act 4 Scene 4/5
The nurse goes to get Juliet and finds her “dead” and they prepare her for burial
Act 5 Scene 1
Romeo’s servant tells him Juliet is dead and he hasn’t heard the plan so he goes and guys poisen
Act 5 Scene 2
Friar Laurence goes to Juliet because he knows Romeo didn’t get the note
Act 5 Scene 3
Romeo kills Paris at the tombs, then he drinks the poison and kills himself. Juliet awakes and sees he is dead then kills herself with a knife. The whole situation makes the Caps and Monts want to release their grudges.

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