sociology final 2 Flashcard Example #61667

A position in society that cuts across other statuses a person holds, such as being a high-ranking army officer, a college president, or a handicapped Olympian, would e considered that person’s _____.
master status
The difference between status and role is that _____.
we occupy a status that is a social position, but we play a role that is a social expectation
Napoleon Chagnon’s visit to the Yanomami tribe, where he observed tribe members appearing naked in public, using hallucinogenic drugs, and letting mucus hang from their noses, is a good example of ____.
the cultural relativity of deviance
Violations of norms and rules that are written into law are officially called _____.
The concept of the relativity of deviance is best illustrated by which of the following statements?
It is not the act itself, but the reaction of other to the act that makes it deviant.
The relativity of deviance is most aligned with which sociological perspective?
symbolic interactionism
what is a group’s formal and informal means of enforcing norms called?
social control
In the Scarlet Letter, why was Hester Prynne required to wear a scarlet A on her dress?
Sociologically, this served as a negative sanction and an example of shaming
The significance of names or reputations given to people when they engage in certain types of behavior is the focus of ____ theory.
which type of sociologists would consider deviance to be a natural part of society?
John desires the best things in life- a fast car, designer clothes, and membership in exclusive clubs. But rather than work his way through the system, he has discovered he can have all these things by selling crack cocaine in the inner city. How would Merton classify John?
an innovator
Based on Merton’s typologies, what do drug addicts, the homeless, nuns living in a convent, and monks living in a monastery have in common?
They are all retreatists
according to strain theory, the underlying cause of deviance is that people experience a sense of normalness. this sense of normalness is referred to as _____.
The crime with the highest increase among women between 1993 and 2008 was _____.
The total prison and jail population in the US equals approximately _____ people, which is on out of every 135 Americans.
what is the most common marital status found among inmates in U.S state prisons?
never married
the percentage of former prisoners who are rearrested is known as_______?
How a society treats its deviants is one measure of how humane it is. What would examination of prisons and mental hospitals in the U.S suggest regarding this standard?
They are both used as warehouse for the unwanted
When officer Friel discovered Mark smoking weed outside the school, he took him home and turned him over to his parents for counseling and treatment as they felt appropriate. He also warned Mark the next time would result in a ride to juvenile hall. Which statement best describes Officer Friel’s actions?
Officer Friel is employing police discretion.
In 2007, the highest number of victims of hate crimes were ____.
African americans

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