Th Kite Runner Flashcard Example #86288

The novel begins with a flashback .What do you think is its purpose? What do you learn about the narrator?
The purpose is to build suspense, it also shows some of the themes in the book such as price of theft, hubris, the love of child, brothers, the past affecting the present, and the atonement for sins. We do not learn anything about the narrator which adds to the suspense of the first chapter only that his father is popular in town and does not have a mother.
Who is Hassan? Describe him physically. What is a cleft lip? What was his first word? Why is that important? What contrast is made between Amir and Hassan?*
Hassan is described as a “Chinese doll chiseled from hardwood: perfectly round face, broad nose, slanting/narrow green eyes, cleft lip. Cleft lip is a big split in the center of the upper lip. Hassan and his family are poor, and he doesn’t have a lot of people he’s close to. Amir and Hassan were nursed by the same woman, and people who were fed from the same breasts have a kinship and share a brotherhood. Hassan’s first word was “Amir”, which is important because they grew up together and it shows how close Amir and Hassan really are
What does it mean to be Hazara, Shi’a Muslim, Afghanistan’s minority group? Who, in the story thus far, is Hazara?
So far in the Kite Runner, Hassan, Sanubar, and Ali are Hazaras. Hazaras are mogul descendants, but get described as mice-eating, flat-nosed, load-carrying donkeys.
What does it mean to be Pashtun, Sunni Muslim, Afghanistan’s majority group? Who, in the story thus far, is Pashtun?
It means they are the true, pure Afgans. Baba and Amir are Pashtun
Who is Sanaubar? How is she contrasted to Amir’s mother?
Sanubar is Hasan’s mother, a young, beautiful woman, who left Ali and Hassan while Hassan was a baby
Who is Ali? What do the neighborhood children call him? What does it mean?
Ali is Hassan’s father, who is also very close to Baba and Amir. Children call him babalu, meaning Boogeyman. Ali has a congenital paralysis of lower face muscle, making it hard to have any facial expressions like smiling or frowning.
Who is Baba? What are his values? How does he relate to extremely religious leaders?
Baba is Amir’s father. He built the most beautiful house in Kabul, and also built and owns an orphanage. He is wealthy, adventurous, and trustworthy.
What does Baba give Hassan for his birthday? What does his present suggest about his character? How does Amir react to this present? Why did the present turn out to be ironic?
He gets a plastic surgeon to fix Hassan’s cleft lip, this suggests
Amir is jealous because Baba has never done anything this special for him and now he is doing something for Hassan.
This was ironic because that was the winter that Hassan sopped smiling
What happens between Assef/Wali/Kamal and Amir/Hassan? What does Assef threaten?
Assef starts picking on Hassan and calling him names, Amir stands up for Hassan, then Assef begins picking on him. Hassan takes a rock against Assef’s slingshot, and stands up for himself. Assef says that he’s a very patient person, that this isn’t the end, and that Hassan made a big mistake. He’ll be back.
What does Amir want to tell Assef about Hassan when Assef bullies them about being friends?
He wants to tell Assef that Hassan is just his servant not his friend.
Why do boys in Afghanistan have gashes on their fingers?
In chapter 6, how does Amir feel about Hassan? Why does he mean “my life as a ghost”?
He is invisible because he doesn’t feel good enough and he feels guilty that his mom died giving birth to him
What is the proudest moment of twelve-year-old Amir’s life as described in Chapter 7?
What happens to Hassan when he runs the blue kite for Amir?
Who says, “I opened my mouth and almost said something…The rest of my life might have turned out differently if I had.” Why are those words important? What do you think of Amir’s behavior?
Amir said it and the actions that day changed his life forever
What is inscribed on the pomegranate tree in the back yard? So, why then is it significant that Amir tries to pick a fight with Hassan in front of that tree?
What does Assef give Amir for his birthday? Why is this significant?
He gives him Biography of Hitler which expresses the hatred of Hazaras and how he has hatred of Amir and Hasssan
What does Amir put under Hassan’s mattress? Why does he do it?
He puts money and his new watch under Hassan’s matress he does it because Amir can’t cope with what he has done to Hassan and dosen’t want him to stay.
When Baba confronts Hassan about this, what does Hassan say?
He says that he did it because he has a loyalty to Amir that he will not break.
What does Baba then do that shocks Amir? What happens to Hassan and Ali?
Baba forgives Hassan for doing it and then Hassan and Ali leave, Baba begs them to stay and Ali knows the truth behind Amir’s lies and cannot stay any longer
What “weakness” of Amir’s does Baba have to apologize for in Chapter 10?
What does Amir observe about a double standard in Chapter 12?
Why did the visit with the pulmonologist become unsuccessful when Baba asked where he was from?
Why does Amir asks Baba to meet with General Taheri?
To ask if Amir can marry Sohrab
In Chapter 13, Amir thinks about the “bears” his father has wrestled during his lifetime. What “bears” has Baba wrestled?
What good news does Amir learn in Chapter 13?
What disappointment do Soraya and Amir face? Do you think Amir should have told Soraya about his betrayal of Hassan before they were married? Why or why not? What does this do to a relationship?
In 1989, what is going on in Afghanistan? Who are the Mujahedin? Who is in charge?
In Afghanistan there is war going on, the Mujahedin is a terrorist organization in Iran. The Taliban is in charge
Chapter 14 brings us back to the opening of the book: the telephone call from Rahim Khan. What is Rahim asking Amir to do?
Rahim Khan asks Amir to come back home because is sick
What does Amir say about cliche?s? Why does Amir use the cliche? about “an elephant in the room” to describe his meeting with Rahim Khan?
Afghanistan has been seized by what political group in Chapter 15?
The Taliban
In Chapter 16, Rahim tells us what happened to Hassan. What has happened? Where is he?
He lived in a poor village. He looked toughened by the sun, tall, missing front teeth, sparse strands of hair on his chin.
Who is Farzana? Sohrab?
Hassan’s wife that gave birth to their son Sohrab.
What happened in 1996 by the Taliban in Mazar-i-Sharif?
How does the cliche?, “like father, like son” mentioned on page 226, relate to Baba and Amir?
?Baba lied and led a deceitful life keeping his secret from Amir, Hassan, and Ali.

?Amir lied and led a deceitful life never standing up for Hassan

What clues hint at the secret that is revealed in Chapters 17-18?
Ali was not Hassan’s father and Baba was Hassan’s father
What realizations does Amir come to in Chapter 19?
Baba always had a soft spot for Hassan. He wanted him to join them all of the time and he said it was okay when he “stole” from Amir. He paid for Hassan’s surgery so he could live a normal life.
In Chapter 20, Amir sees Kabul for the first time since leaving. Describe what he sees.
There was rubble everywhere and beggars, mainly young children- many fathers has been killed in war
In Chapter 20, how does Zaman defend his actions?
In Chapters 21-22, the cruelty of the Taliban is clearly in evidence. Give 2-3 examples.
In Chapter 21, Amir finally sees Sohrab and realizes what about the Taliban official?
That it is Assef
In Chapter 22, we encounter many “full-circle” endings as we reach the climax, or turning point, of the plot. List three.
What is your reaction to Rahim Khan’s letter to Amir? Should the letter have been presented to him earlier? Do you feel that Baba was a good man?
Chapter 24 continues the falling action of the plot. Why do Sohrab and Amir travel to Islamabad? Amir says “There are a lot of children in Afghanistan, but little childhood.” What does he mean? How can you relate this to Hassan and Sohrab?
They travel there because they want to get Sohrab into the United States, In Islamabad kids have to grow up so fast and see and deal with adult things. Hassan and Sohrab both had to grow up fast in their life.
What is a mullah?
A muslim learned in Islamic theology and sacred law
Who is Raymond Andrews and how does he function in the novel?
He is the lawyer who says that Amir might not be able to get Sohrab into the united states
What does Soraya agree to do?
Have her brother talk to people in the government to see how to get Sohrab into the US.
What does Soraya’s Uncle Sharif do to help Sohrab?
What promise does Amir break to Sohrab?

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