The adventure of Huckleberry Finn study guide Flashcard Example #78823

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What is the title
The adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Who is the author? Who is not the author?
Mark Twain. Not Samuel Clemons. Samuel Clemons took on a different person when he wrote this book
Describe the picture on the cover what meaning might be in the picture?
White kid and black man on a raft.white kid working. the story is going to be revolutionizing. it is either sunset or sunrise which means there is change occurring
What is the goal of the notice on the back of the book?
Sarcastic notice to tell us to not look deeper in the book is saying he really wants us to think and enjoy the story
What does Hemingway’s quote on the back if the book mean?
The book changed America’s history (especially in literature)
Why have the small quote on the first page of the book?
Tom Sawyer is the leader of the band. This is Hucks perspective of Tom, (innocent, creative, normal boys) Huck is not the leader
In brief biography what was unusual about the time of birth and death of Clemons?
Haley’s comet came when he was born and came again when he died
What does Mark Twain mean?
12 fathoms or safe water
Based on Mark Twain increasing popularity, what was Mark Twain known as?
The peoples author
How many children did Clemons have? How many were alive when he died?
He had 4 children and only was of his daughters was alive when he died. Clara was the living daughter.
What was the financial status of Clemons at the end of his life?
He didn’t have a lot of money and was in poverty and bankrupt.
What does the phrase “denounced of mass man” mean?
Denouncer means saying something that is wrong. The phrase is saying when general public thought it was right he thought it was wrong (slavery)
What does sentimentalist mean?
Emotional person
What does cynic mean?
Distrusting. The two vocab words are opposites. He is a walking contradiction
What does paratext mean?
About or around the text.
What people are going to be options for the quote matching with characters.
Jim, Huck, Pap, Tom Sawyer, and Aunt Sally
From what perspective is the book written and whose?
First person and Huckleberry Finns perspective
Which two ladies is Huck living with?
Widow Douglas and Miss Watson
How does Hucks criticism of people who don’t like smoking hint at the theme of the book?
People are hypocrites, the judge before they have knowledge, he is talking about racism
Where does Huck decide he’s not going to try to get to? Why?
The good place/ heaven because Miss Watson was going there
What do Huck superstitions about the spider tell us about him as a believer?
He doesn’t know what to believe so he doesn’t want to believe in anything
What’s the common pattern of behavior between Huck and Tom?
Both superstitious, freak out about weird things (scratches and witches)
Where does Tom get his ideas from?
How does Tom Sawyer keep Tommy Barnes quiet about the game secrets? What doesn’t Sawyer do that he swore he would do?
Pay him and he goes back on his word.
What does Jim (or the hairball) tell Huck to avoid?
The water
How does Hucks father treat Huck?
He treates him badly and locks him in a cabin and orders him around/yells at him
Who tries to reform Pap? What is the result of this attempt?
Judge Thatcher and Pap goes back to drinking
Why does Huck go to school now?
so he can prove Pap wrong
Where does Pap take Huck?
To a cabin in the woods
What habits does Huck take up again when living with his father?
cussing and maybe drinking (he brought the liquor on the canoe with him?)
What is ironic about Paps tirade on voting rights?
He doesn’t want to vote, but he gets angry that black people are voting. He values his rights so much, so he doesn’t vote.
What does Huck find drifting down the river?
a canoe
What does Huck do to cover his escape?
Kills a pig and spills the blood all over.
Where does Huck escape to?
Jackson’s island and he stopped at the Illinois shore to rest.
How do the townspeople search for Hucks body?
They shot cannons and put bread in the water with mercury inside
Why does Huck believe in prayer now?
A piece of bread floated over to him.
How long is Huck alone on the island? What might this symbolize?
3 days. Jesus was on the cross for 3 days. Huck should be dead.
Why is Jim on the island
He ran away because Miss. Watson was going to sell him for 800 dollars to the south.
Why does Jim say he is rich?
Because he owns himself and Miss. Watson was going to sell him for 800 dollars.
What are the dimensions of the raft Jim and Huck find?
12 feet wide and about 15-16 feet long.
What does Jim refuse to talk about?
The dead man in the house
What trick does Huck pull on Jim? What is the result?
Putting a dead rattle snake on the end of his bed. The mate comes and bites Jim’s leg and it swelled up and he had to not move very much for days.
How does Huck disguise himself when he goes into town?
He dressed up like a girl from the cloths that they took out of the house
What 2 men are being blamed for killing Huck?
His dad (Pap) and Jim
How much is the reward for Jims capture?
How did Judith Loftus find out Huck was a boy?
He put his legs together when she threw something at him, he held the string still and moved the needle and he almost hit the mouse when he was throwing the led thing at it.
How does HUck try to throw off the men looking for Jim?
He created a fire.
What is a towhead?
Sand bar with cotton wood branches.
What does Jim build on the raft?
Wigwam, fire pit, steering ore
When and why must they light the lantern on the raft?
night so other boats won’t run over them
How do Huck and Jim assuage their conscience about “borrowing”?
They only take what they need and throw out the 2 things they weren’t going to need. May give it away to someone else if they didn’t use it. (weren’t in season)
What does Huck overhear the men planning on the steamboat?
Shooting the other robber and then they decide they would wait and hope he drowns
Why does Huck feel guilty about what happened on the steamboat?
Because he could become one, one day
What is the watchman worried about?
Not getting his money or getting paid
Why does Huck wish the Widow knew what he had done?
Because he thought the Widow would be proud of him
What type of people does Mark Twain satirize first?
rulers, kings, queens anyone in higher power
Why does Jim think Solomon would have no problem chopping the child in two?
Because he has a lot of wives and kids
How does Huck try to explain french to Jim? What is Jims counter arguement?
It is like cats trying to talk to dogs and Jim says French should speak English
Why does Huck rescue Jim?
Because Huck doesn’t want to be alone and he wants to be with someone
How does Hucks conscience compare with the conscience of the robbers and the watchmen
Huck: cares about people and lives
Watchmen and robbers: Wanted stuff for themselves they are selfish
What is Marl Twains opinion of royalty?
Royalty is not needed except for war.
Why is the conversation about French so important?
It is important because he chooses not to just learn it and accept it and Jim is on edge and couldn’t accept the fact.
How does Huck lose sight of the raft?
What do the leaves on the raft represent according to Jim? How does he dare to criticize Huck?
Trash, Jim is calling Huck trash
How does Huck feel having Jim so close to freedom?
He is having a hard time trying to understand if he is doing the right or wrong thing
What is Jim going to do with his money?
He is going to buy his family back
What does Huck plan to do at his first light?
report/turn in Jim
What does Huck tell the two men who are looking for runaway slaves? Why does he lie?
Jim is a white man, because his conscience knows what is right
Why cant Huck and Jim find Cairo? Now where are they headed?
Because it is a small town and the fog was really bad. Also they could have passed it because they wouldn’t have been able to see unless the lights were on
What happens to the raft?
Raft gets smashed
How old is Huck?
How does Huck describe the Pilgrim’s Progress? What doe this say about Twains feelings towards religion?
Hard to understand and doesn’t explain why things happen. Twain may be saying religion is hard to explain and doesn’t have any reasons for why things happen
Why might Twain include the lengthy description of the Grangerford home?
To show that on the outside all looks good but once you get to the inside you realize how bad it really is?
What group might twain be satirizing with the character of Emmaline Grangerford?
Making fun of people that are obsessed with death and depression
According to Huck what kind of family is the Grangerfords?
Gentlemen, Rich, Wellborn
Why does Col. Grangerford criticize Buck
Because buke hid in the bushes
What was original cause of the feud between the Grangerfords and Shepherdsons?
They don’t know but it has to do with a lawsuit and a loser shoots the winner
What is ironic about the subject of the sermon?
They learn about brotherhood and brotherly love and then totally go back on what they learned
What does Huck find in the swamp? Why do you think he’s hiding?
Jim I think he’s hiding so he doesn’t get shot or reported
Where does Sophia run away to? What story does this resemble?
A boy of the Shepherdsons. Romeo and Juliet
What happens to Buck? How does Huck feel about it?
He dies and Huck is sad but he puts a cloth over his head
How does Huck feel on the raft? What does this say about what true freedom is?
He feels comfortable on the raft this is saying that true freedom is fun safe and comfortable
How wide is the river at times?
Mile and a half wide
How does the journey sound? Does this remind you of a biblical scene?
Peaceful calm good it reminds me of the garden of Eden before the fall
What kind of men does Huck pick up?
Runaway Conmen
What rank is the younger man?
What rank is the older man?
How old is the older man?
600 to 700 years old
Why does Huck tolerate the King and Duke?
He doesn’t want to cause trouble
Why doesn’t Huck tell them that Jim is a runaway slave?
They could turn him in
What’s ironic about the success of Hucks putting county story? What does he do to the professional liars?
Huck is a better liar and can tell when they are lying but the men can’t tell when he is lying about anything
How is the weather different now that the King and Duke are a board? How is color linked to depravity here?
The weather turns dark in bed. The two men are the “fall”and ruin means evil bad and sinful and white means good peaceful and without sin
What can we learn about Hucks opinion of Jim?
Shows that they are just becoming more like friends instead of just acquaintances
Why does Jim send Huck ashore?
He sends Huck so he can keep an eye on them then and make sure they didn’t report Jim.
What’s the dukes plan so they can travel by day? Do you think this might backfire?
To make a sign that says Jim as a runaway and worth $200 and plans to tie Jim up and show the sign today mobile to travel during the day. I think it will backfire because when the other people see them they will fight over Jim
What is the town like that the men stopping how does this compare to where they just came from?
First town: good, nice, without sin
Second town: sinful (kill people) , dark, muddy = sin/bad

They went to a town full of sin

What does Col. Sherburn do to Boggs?
Warns him then shoots him
What does the crowd plan to do with col. Sherburn?
Planning to hang him. They are planning to pull down clotheslines.
According to Sherburn and twain the average man is what?
What type of people does twain satirize next
Mob mentality people who don’t fend for themselves
What show did the king and Duke put on? Does it work?
The king cameleopard or the Royal Nonesuch. It works because there’s a sign that said ladies and children not admitted
What does Huck believe even know it don’t seem natural?
That gym care just as much for his people as white folks do for their people
What is Elizabeth’s handicap? How does Jim feel about it?
She is deaf. Jim feels bad for the way he treated her because he didn’t know she was deaf.
What about clothes has Huck never realized before?
Cloths can change a body
What makes Huck ashamed of the human race? Why would stealing for orphans make Hucks so angry?
People admitting they are a slave. Because Huck knows that orphans already don’t have very much and you are taking all they have
What is Hucks opinion of music?
It is a good thing because it is pure innocent and society lacks purity and innocence
Who first accuses the king of being a fraud? What gives rise to his suspensions?
The doctor. Because they talk like Englishman.
What do you women always do for to force out complements?
Say how hard or bad something is or say that something is ornery
What is Dwayne satirizing the third time ( not for the third time)
People who lie and people who tell the truth because both Huck and Mary Jane value peace and kindness over truth
Why does the king want to stay in continue the fraud?
He doesn’t want to look like a fool and doesn’t want to leave money for the people he wants the money
Where does Huck hide the money?
In the coffin
Why have the character of the undertaker in the story of the dog in the rat
A little thing like that don’t cost nothing and it’s just the little things that makes a man to be looked up to and light. There are no more popular men in Town then what at undertaker was. Have that character because it is easy and helpful, don’t be that annoying things because that takes more work
What mistake does the king make that saddens the girls and angers the town?
Splitting of the family/taking the girls there have a critical because they break up slave families all the time
Why has Huck been putting up with the King and Duke this whole time?
Because he is worried about Jim getting caught and he doesn’t want to cause any problems
Who shows up at the end of the auction?
The real brothers of Peter
What is the plan to tell if the men are frauds?
Compare the signatures and ask what is tattooed to it on peters chest.
What are they going to do to the ones who are frauds? Remind of anything?
Lynch the whole game reminds me of the story and the beginning of the year about a man being lynched and hallucinating.
How much money did the King and Duke make on their scams?
Not very much more.
What happened to Jim?
Taken then sold for $40 to Silas Phelps who took him
What animal does Huck tell the Duke he was looking for?
A sheep this reminds me of when Jesus went looking for a lost sheep in a crowd of sheep
What is the Phelps family a representation of?
A Christian family
Why does Huck feel so lost and alone at the start of chapter 32?
Because Jim isn’t with him and Jim was one of his friends
What is disturbing in the way that aunt Sally treats the news of the death of a slave with the death of a white man from the same type of accident? What does that say about how she values life?
She says well it’s lucky because sometimes people do get hurt. She is saying that people of different colors or races aren’t worth anything
What is Hucks new alias?
Tom Sawyer
Besides being a farmer what is uncle Silas occupation? Why does he still lock Jim up?
Pastor/preacher because black people in the South aren’t worth anything
Who does Huck meet on the road while he is off to retrieve his luggage
The real Tom Sawyer
How does Huck respond to Tom’s willingness to steal Jim? How does Huck feel about it?
Tom said he would help him. Huck is surprised but glad that really he is willing to help him.
Whta are the names of the Phelps kids
Jimmy and Lize
What does Tom do to Aunt Sally that throws her off?
Kisses her on the lips
Who is pretending to be Sid Sawyer
The real Tom Sawyer
Why would Tom normally not stand to see the rules broke? How does that connect back to what they were doing in freeing Jim?
Because Tom is civilized and follows the rules out of the books he has read. Tom uses the rules to free Jim he makes everything harder
Why does Tom take the stairs? What is that say about Tom’s willingness to hurt Jim for the adventure but not hurt himself?
Tom takes the stairs because he couldn’t go up the pole. But he tells people that he went up the pole
Why does uncle Silas going to see Jim? Should Silas care more about Jim spiritual or physical freedom?
To pray with him Silas cares more about his spiritual freedom than his physical freedom he should care for both
Why does Jim go along with tom’s plan?
He thought Tom was smarter and better because he is white
What happens to Jim when Tom sneaks in the candlestick?
He bites into the candlestick it’s smash some of his teeth and Tom says nothing would have worked better so Jim agrees Jim got hurt but since Tom says it’s okay he thinks it is okay
What do aunt Sally and uncle Silas think is the cause of their missing items question?
Rats have been stealing them
What is ridiculous about how Tom and Huck get the milestone to Jim’s shed?
It is ridiculous because it is so big and heavy and they go along way instead of just going through the door and rolling it
What did the boys do with the sawdust from cutting the legs off the bed?
They eat it
Where does uncle Silas plan to advertise Jim? Why is Huck nervous about it?
St. Louis in new Orleans paper makes him nervous because it’s close to where he was from and the paper he was going to it in. Lots of the people read that newspaper.
What letters does Tom write the Phelps family?
They are warnings and the second one is about an Indian gang warning the Phelps family that they are going to steal Jim the letter is from one person
Who does Huck see in the setting room?
15 farmers with guns
What happens to Tom during the invasion?
Tom got shot in the leg/cat
What does Huck say Jim is on the inside? How is this a heart felt but twisted complement?
He says Jim is white on the inside this is heartfelt because he is saying Jim is equal to him but kind of twisted because he value Jim well but not other slaves
What did the men do to Jim?
Hit him give him bread and water.
What does Jim not do throughout the whole ordeal?
He doesn’t complain and goes along with it reminds me of Jesus on the cross because he didn’t complain and did what he was told by a superior person
Why does time demand that Jim is set free?
Because he wanted it for the adventure and Jim was already free
How does the Phelps family treat Jim differently when they find out he’s a free man?
They fix them up and don’t require him to do anything they pay him for his lost time
What happens to Pap? Who has known this? Why did that person say anything?
He died. Jim knew this, Jim didn’t tell Huck because he didn’t want to scare him and he wanted to be set free, Jim didn’t want a problem between another problem
At the end of the book what are Hucks plans? Why does the book have to end this way?
He’s going for the territory ahead of the rest because he didn’t want aunt Sally to civilize him. The book ended this way because Mark twain to say that slavery was not over and that there is no end to it but we can make it better
What is satire?
Mockery to prove a point
What is hypocrisy?
Saying to not do something and then doing it
What is cynicism?
The belief of humanity or the possibility of goodness
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