The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Realism Study Guide Flashcard Example #70617

Sets up a contrast bewteen the serious and absurd
What is the important about the Notice and Explanatory?
Another word for a lie
-Tom: educated, white
-Buck: uneducated, white
-Jim: uneducated slave
-Huck: uneducated, Southern, white
What do we know about each of the following characters from the way he speaks: Huck, Jim, Tom, Buck
Tom moves Jim’s hat while he’s sleeping. Huck feels bad, showing Huck actually has a conscience and sees Jim as a person
What trick does Tom play on Jim in the first chapters?
He doesn’t’ want Pap to take it from him
Why does Huck sell his fortune to Judge Thatcher?
He believes the government is taking away his rights, but he doesn’t see a problem when they take away African American’s rights. He actually expects that and sees it as failing if the government allows a man to vote, but not be sold into slavery
Explain the nature of Pap’s hypocrisy in his rant in chapter 6
Huck killed a pig with a hatchet, bled it all over the floor, left hair in the pool of blood and on the hatchet, and sank the dead big. Huck did this to escape from Pap and Widow Douglass
How did Huck fake his own death? Why?
Huck feels sorry for telling Jim he wouldn’t turn him in. Doesn’t respect him
What is Huck’s attitude towards Jim when they meet on Jackson Island?
He first thinks Huck is a ghost. Is wary to tell Huck he ran away, since Huck can turn him in easily.
What is Jim’s attitude toward Huck when they meet on Jackson Island?
He feels ashamed/foolish for causing Jim pain, but he doesn’t want Jim to know that
Why is Huck’s reaction to Jim’s snake bite significant?
-throws a ball like a boy
-catches like a boy
-threads a needle like a boy
-forgets his own “name”
List several reasons why Mrs. Loftus knows Huck is not a girl
He is not wise because he would cut a baby in half. It shows Jim values children and is a good father
According to Jim, why is Solomon not the wisest man who ever lived?
The Walter Scott is a grounded steam ship. It breaks up the current. The robbers on the sip drown because Huck and Jim took the only life boat
What is the Walter Scott? What happens to it and all the people who are on board?
He tells them his father is on the raft and is really sick. The slave hunters conclude he has small pox and stays away
How does Huck convince the slave hunters not to search the raft?
Jim actually worries about Huck; he feels betrayed Huck took it as a joke
Why is Jim so hurt by Huck’s prank in the fog?
The fog is too thick, they get separated and pass it
Why do Huck and Jim miss Cairo?
We don’t know
Who is to blame for the conflict between the Grangerfords and Shepersons?
It doesn’t really matter; Twain is trying to show human nature is ridiculous when people hold grudges
Why is Twain deliberately vague on who to blame?
They look fancy to Huck, but in reality they are cheap. This shows things are nice on the outside, but on the inside its not the same
What is significant about the decorations on the Grangerfords’ mantels?
The preacher preaches about brotherly love and the Grangerford’s love it and talk about on the way home , even though they continue to murder their neighbors
Why is the topic of the Sunday sermon (during the Grangerford chapters) satirical/humorous to prove a point about something
Miss Sophie is a Grangerford who runs away with a Sheperson boy
What does Miss Sophie do?
On land:
-lynch mob comes for Jim
-Buck is murdered by his neighbors
-Sherborn murders a harmless drunk and then shames the crowd for cowardice
-the men who take in the king and the duke help them lure in their neghbors
– Jim trusts the king and duke but is sold by the king
-Jim trusts Tom, but Tom doesn’t tell him he has been free
Peace on the Mississippi: naked and free on the river with Jim
In what ways does Huck find the ugliest aspects on humanity on land, and peace on the Mississippi? Give emaples
He uses the ridiculous and the serious to show how hypocritical humans are. A village would seek justice by lynching a man, a murderer speaks about morality to a lynch mob. The perspective shifts away from Huck because Huck has the same failings as the lynch mob
Why does Twain shift from the point of view to Sherburn during the mob scene?
Uneducated liars who pretend to be a French king and duke. They use people to get what they want, and are very selfish
Describe the conmen
The Royal Nonesuch
What is the name of the conmen’s theater show?
No women and children were allowed
How do the conmen lure people into their show?
Huck is used to this from Pap; he thinks its best to give them their way
Huck says that he is aware that the con men are liars. Why does he play along?
Tarred and feathered
What happens to the conmen in the end?
Where does Huck declare he will go for Jim?
-He’s a romantic (not practical)
-cruel for putting Jim through all of that for his entertainment
Tom is obsessed with making Jim’s escape like the novels he has read. What does this tell us about Tom?
They have to break Jim out of the shed to help them carry the grindstone
Why is it ironic that Huck and Tom bring Jim a grindstone?
A rope
What do Huck and Tom put in the witch pie?
Tom gets shot in the leg
What major events happens when Huck and Tom help Jim escape?
He gives Jim $40
What does Tom actually give Jim to make it up to him after Jim learns he was already free?
Silas Phellps
Who is Tom Sawyer’s uncle?
Aunt Polly
Who is Tom’s guardian?
Widow Douglas
Who is Huck’s foster parent in the beginning of the novel?
Miss Watson, $800
Who is Jim’s guardian/owner? How much money is Jim worth at the beginning of the novel?
Aunt Sally
Who offers to adopt Huck at the conclusion of the novel?
Oklahoma Territory because Aunt Polly was trying to “sivilize” him
Where does Huck go at the conclusion of the novel? Why?
Samuel Clemens
What is Mark Twain’s real name?
Published: 1884
Set: 1845
Twain wanted to set the book in a time slavery was legal
When was The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn published? Set? Why the difference?
Realism is attempting to portray life “as it is.” It sees Romanticism as impractical
What is Realism? How and why does it rebel against Romanticism?
He likes/wants war; wants to take part in it
How is Peyton Farquhar characterized in “The Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”
3rd person omniscient (a detached bystander, recording the facts, which is realism)
What is the point of view at the beginning and end of Owl Creek Bridge?
3rd person limit. Shifts it to make the idealized adventure in the middle seem silly (makes fun of romanticism)
What is the point of view in the middle? For what purpose does Ambrose Bierce shift the point of view?
Farquhar is actually hung in the very beginning, even though he seemed to escape
What is surprising about the end of Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge?
Protagonist: Union army (solves the problem of the romantic, meddlesome plantation owner who doesn’t know when to stay at home and mind his own business)
Antagonist: Peyton Farquhar (causes the problem, brings devastation on himself by getting involved, even though he knows he will be executed)
Ambrose Bierce was in the Union Army
Who is the protagonist and who is the antagonist in Owl Creek Bridge? Which side of the war was Bierce himself on? What messages does he seem to convey about the Union army and southern plantation owner?

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