The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn Chapter 1-6 STUDYGUIDE Flashcard Example #83760

What is reverse psychology?
To tell someone to do the opposite of what you want him to do and he does what you want.
How many dialects are there in Huck Finn?
What is the point of view?
First point of view.
Who is the narrator?
Huck Finn.
Which three people does Huck think are not liars?
Aunt Polly, The Widow, and Mary.
Who invested in Huck’s gold?
Judge Thatcher.
How much interest/allowance does Huck receive everyday?
A dollar a day.
What had Widown Douglas do for Huck?
She took Huck into her home and treats him like a son.
When Huck ran away from the Widow Douglas’s home, why did he come back?
He wanted to be in Toms gang of robbers.
What does “sivilized” mean to Huck?
To Huck being civilized means following a routine, wearing nice clothes, and practicing religion.
What book does the Widow Douglas read to Huck?
The Bible.
Is the widow Douglas considered to be a hypocrite? why?
Yes, because she is telling him not to snuff but she done it herself.
Who is Miss Watson?
She is the Widow Douglas’s sister.
What does Miss Watson try to teach Huck?
She trys to teach him spelling and religion.
What is the “bad place?”
What is the “good place?”
Why doesn’t Huck want to go to Heaven?
Huck thinks its boring and the more she wants him to like it the less he likes it. He also doesn’t want to go because Tom Sawyer won’t be there and Miss Watson will be there.
Why is Huck “a-shaking all over?”
Because he killed a spider which he thinks will bring him bad luck.
What time is it and how do you know?
It is 12 midnight, we know the time because the clock strikes twelve times.
Who makes a twig snap and a “me-yow!” sound outside?
Tom Sawyer.
Why does Tom make noises when he is outside?
Tome wants Huck to come outside, but he doesn’t want to wake everyone up because if anyone wakes up Huck will get in trouble with the Widow Douglas or Miss Watson.
What trick does Tom play on Jim?
Tom puts Jim’s hat on a branch.
How does Tom seem to get all his info on gangs?
From books.
Compare the reactions of Tom and Huck about the trick.
Tom really wants to play the tick but Huck does not want to play the trick.
What is the significance of Jim’s reaction to the trick.
Jim knows that Huck and Tom are behind the trick.
What does Huck think about praying?
He thinks that praying doesn’t work, its like a fantasy.
Why does Huck think that there are 2 providences?
Because Miss Watson and the Widown Douglas describe the God so differently from one another.
How does Huck feel about Pap?
He does not want to see Pap against because he is afraid of Pap.
Why does Huck resign from the gang?
Because the boys were only pretending to rob and kill people.
Whats the purpose of Tom’s presence early on in the novel?
It helps the reader to see Huck more clearly; readers see that he is intelligent and practical.
How is Tom’s friendship helpful to Huck?
Because Huck is lonely, so it helps him to have a friend like Tom and also Tom helps Huck forget about his difficult life.
How is Tom’s friendship hurtful to Huck?
Because Tom makes Huck feel stupid and Tom can get Huck into trouble.
What is the most important aspect of their friendship?
The adventures they have together.
Facts about Tom.
– Educated
– Loves fantasy
– Lives with family (aunt)
– Wants to trick Jim
Facts about Huck.
– Realistic
– Becomes depressed
– Doesn’t connect with fantasy
– Uneducated
– Abusive father
– Alone
– Doesn’t want to trick Jim
Similarities between Tom ; Huck.
– Both enjoy to be together
– Adventurous
– Comfortable with each other
– Live in same town
– Middleclass (currently)
– Why does Huck sell his fortune to Judge Thatcher?
– What does this show readers about Huck?
– What does this show about the judge?
– Huck is worried that his father will take it.
– This shows the reader that Huck is smart.
– This shows the reader that Huck trusts the judge.
Explain the hairball incident.
Jim claims that he has a magic hairball. Huck wants to know his future and Jim gives him a prediction that is meant to comfort him.
What kind of father is Pap? Describe Pap.
Pap is a terrible, abusive father, he abuses Huck physically, verbally, and mentally. He is also selfish.
How does Pap feel about Huck gong to school?
He does not want Huck going to school, Pap is worried that Huck will think he’s better than his father.
How does the new judge learn how Pap really is?
The judge really learns how Pap is after he takes him into his home and Pap gets drunk and destroys the spare bedroom.
Why does Huck say he is going to school now?
Because he wants to “spite pap” (to get his father angry).
Why does he enjoy living with Pap for a while?
Because there are no rules to follow.
How does Pap feel about the government? Describe Pap’s prejudice.
He feels that the government is unfair. He is prejudice against black people or anyone who isn’t white.
What are Paps views on the mixed-race man that comes to town?
He hates the mixed-race man.
Pap is a symbol of what in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

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