The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Chapters 1-3 Flashcard Example #4469

What does Huck like about the Widow Douglas?
Huck does not like being ‘civilized. He thinks there are too many rules for living in a house.
What does Jim think has happened to him as a result of the trick that Tom plays on him?
Jim thinks that witches have “attacked” him. He said they took him and rode him all over the state.
How does Huck know that the drowned body that is found is not Pap?
Huck knows the drowned body was not his Pap because the body was found floating on its back. According to Huck, drowned men float on their faces and women float on their backs.
When Tom’s gang raids the ‘Spanish merchants and rich Arabs what is it that they actually do?
The “Spanish merchants and rich Arabs” were really just a Sunday School picnic that the boys “robbed” until the Sunday School teacher chased them away.
Where does Miss Watson take Huck to pray?
She takes him into the closet.
How would you compare the characters of the Widow Douglas and Miss Watson?
Who seems to be presented in a more favorable light?
The Widow Douglas and Miss Watson are sisters who live in the same house. They have the same beliefs, but the widow is calm and nice and tries to convince Huck to do the right thing just because it is right and there will be spiritual rewards. Miss Watson is stern and bossy and tries to make Huck do what is right by forcing him to do so with scolding. She does not promise rewards or attempt to explain to him why he should pray; she feels he should do it just because she said so. The Widow Douglas is presented in the better light.
How does Huck respond to Miss Watson’s admonitions to pray?
What does this tell us about Huck?
Huck is not excited about praying but does so when Miss Watson tells him to pray every day and whatever he asks for he will get. He thinks this means objects and prays and prays but does not get them, so he stops. He does think about prayer though and discusses it with the widow. This shows that Huck wants to understand things and wants to do the right thing, but usually gets too caught up in what it will do for him.
How would you characterize Huck’s self-image at this point?
Huck has a very low self image. He likes the God that the widow describes but feels he probably would not want him because he is so “low-down and ornery.”
What is the setting of the novel? Why is the time period in which it is set important?
The setting is The Mississippi River town of St. Petersburg, Missouri before the civil war, roughly 1835-1845
How would you contrast the characters of Huck and Tom?
Huck and Tom are alike in that they are both teenage boys and like to “get by” with things. Tom has always lived in a house and had to be ‘civilized, whereas Huck has had the ability to do whatever he wants until he moves in with the Widow Douglas. They are different in that Tom likes adventure and make believe but Huck looks at and likes the reality of things.

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