The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Chapters 19 – 20 Flashcard Example #26056

What theory does Jim come up with regarding the origin of the stars?
Jim thinks that perhaps the moon laid the stars (like children).
How does Huck meet the men who later identify themselves as the duke and the king?
Huck takes a canoe one morning to try and find berries and he sees the duke and king running from some people. Huck helps them escape.
What had the duke and the king been doing before they met Huck?
They had been separately cheating people and were both running from town members.
How does the king dupe the people at the camp meeting?
He tells them that he had been a pirate and had been robbed and thrown off a steamboat. He says that he has been saved now and wants to return to his old pirate buddies and help them see the way and get religion.
How does the duke arrange for them to float by day?
The duke makes a fake handbill that tells all about Jim being a runaway slave and a reward for him. When they see people coming they will tie Jim up and pretend they have captured him and are returning him for the reward.
Why do you think Huck helps the duke and the king when he first meets them?
Huck is a good person and just naturally helps them without thinking. He sees that they are in trouble and has a way to help them, so he does.
What characteristics do the people at the camp meeting display?
They are gullible and readily believe that their revival is able to touch the lives of everyone, even the worst sinners. They also are good hearted and want to help someone who is in need.

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