The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Chapters 21 – 23 Flashcard Example #53904

What kind of show do the king and duke plan at first?
The King and Duke plan to do Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, Richard III, and Hamlet.
What does Sherburn do to Boggs?
Sherburn shoots and kills Boggs for running his mouth.
How is the first performance by the duke and king received?
The first performance by the Duke and King is met with laughter from a very small audience.
What is the people’s response to the “Royal Nonesuch”?
The men who go to see the ‘Royal Nonesuch’ first are mad that they have been tricked.
What does Jim tell Huck about his daughter Elizabeth?
Jim was constantly mourning for his family and he told Huck about his daughter Elizabeth having Scarlet Fever. One day after she had recovered, Jim told her to do something and she did not do it. He became angry and smacked her but later he discovered that the fever had left her deaf; that is why she did not do what he told her, she couldn’t hear him. He felt very guilty for that.
What is Sherburn’s attitude toward the men attempting to lynch him?
What do you think Twain’s attitude is?
Sherburn makes fun of the men who come to lynch him. He basically calls them all cowards and says they would never attack a man in the day or to his face; they are not man enough to do so. Twain is showing his opinion of mobs. Mobs are usually full of people who would never have the desire or the nerve to act individually but when placed in a crowd suddenly become brave.
How do the duke and king entice people to see the “Royal Nonesuch”?
What do you think Twian is implying about human nature with this?
They put on the signs for ‘Royal Nonesuch’ that “Ladies and Children are not admitted.” This makes the men want to see it. The fact that the first men who go (and are disappointed in the show) do not tell the others that it is a scam shows that humans usually want company in misery. If a person makes a fool of himself but can entice others to make fools of themselves then he does not feel or look so bad.

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