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Author of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Mark Twain
Date of Publication of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
December 1884
Genre of The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin
Humor, and Coming of Age
Characteristics of the genre:Humor
to illicit laughter
Characteristic of the genre: Coming of Age
focuses on the growth of a protagonist from youth to adulthood
Historical information about the period of publication for
This was post civil war era. The South was suffering economically, and slaves were emancipated resulting in a loss of work, money, and productivity in the South. Also, around this time period, unions began to grow and expand. Through this, workers gained the eight hour work day
Historical information about the period of publication for
African Americans can now also be a part of senate, and John Lynch is the first African American elected as chairman of Republican candidacy.
Historical information about the period of setting of the novel of
The setting of the novel is the pre-civil war era, when southerners thought it was acceptable to have slaves because of the notion that they “took care of them”. Also, most people in this era were raised to think that it was normal to have slaves. More and more abolitionists began to rise in the North and preach their opinions, leading to the North becoming a very anti-slavery section of the United states.
Historical information about the period of setting of the novel of
In order to keep peace between the two sections of the country the fugitive slave laws were enacted, which stated that a slave owner can let authorities now about the runaway and if that ex-slave gets caught, they have to go back with the slave owner.
Place of Mark Twain’s birth
Florida, Missouri
Date of Mark Twain’s birth
Nov 30, 1835
Biographical information about the author.
Mark Twain was born inn Florida, Missouri as Samuel Clemons. He changed his name to Mark Twain later on in his life. When Clemons was 4 his family moved to Hannibal, which a lot of his story’s settings are based after.
Biographical information about the author.
Twain’s family was poor, and once his father died his family struggled economically for years. He loved living on the river, and it even became his dream to be a steam boat captain on the river. However he saw many deaths, including a slave that died because the owner struck the slave with iron.
Biographical information about the author.
Clemons dropped out of school to become a printing apprentice when his father died. He then live out his dreams as a stem boat captain but soon quit to join the confederate army. He realized that he did not want to fight for the same ideals, and dropped out a few weeks into the war. Afterward he headed West. His name was now Mark Twain.
Biographical information about the author.
Twain soon met and married Olivia Langdon and had four children. In 1876 he wrote Tom Sawyer and later a sequel called The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. 3 of his children and his wife all died. He and his remaining child Clara were very distant. Mark’s last years were horrible. He was depressed, paranoid, and angry, but he never showed it to the media, and always had a good sense of humor.
Theme of the work
In the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, the actions that the characters take illuminate that no one has the ability to form there own beliefs and thoughts while being forced into societal boundaries.
Theme of the work
In the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain shows the dangers of romantic literature, and the affects it has society, and individuals.
Theme of the work
In the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain through the use of stagnant characters how hypocritical the average person in this era was, with or without wealth.
exposition of plot
It starts of with the back ground of Tom Sawyer, since this is a sequel. In the beginning of the novel Huck hates being civilized. He strives for rebellion so he hangs out with a troubled kid named Tom. His father hears that Huck has money and goes after him. When his father doesn’t get legal guardianship he takes Huck illegally to a cabin. Huck eventually escapes by faking his death and escaping to an island on a boat. He meets a run away slave named Jim here who is running away because his “owner” is trying to sell him and his family. Jim and Huck get separated on land after they crash and then meet back up after the disaster at the Grangerford house
exposition of plot
They let the Duke and the King ride with them on their makeshift boat, but the Duke and king are scam artists who bring Huck into it. However they get caught so Huck leaves to find Jim. Unfortunately The Duke sold Jim to Tom’s aunt so Tom and Huck have to find a way to get Jim out. This plan ended with Tom getting shot. Also, they learned that Jim was actually a free man since Mrs. Watson died. Toms mom asked to adopt Huck but he respectfully declined while telling them his plans of traveling West.
rising action
Miss Watson trying to teach him manners, and Pap coming in town to take Huck’s new found fortune.
central conflict
social inequality
Huck considers but then decides against writing Miss Watson to tell her the Phelps family is holding Jim, following his conscience rather than the prevailing morality of the day. Instead, Tom and Huck try to free Jim, and Tom is shot in the leg during the attempt.
“freeing” Jim and Huck talking about heading out West
“Did you want to kill him, Buck”

“Well, I bet I did”

“What did he do to you ?”
“Him? He never done nothing to me”‘

This quote shows the “mob mentality” that some people have. They rally behind things that they do not understand, or even really care for, and they never question reality. They are like sheep, and never question what they are doing, or why they are doing so.
“…. so we slid in there and got three candles, and Tom laid 5 cents on the table for pay”.
This shows that Tom is not a bad person at heart, but he is being changed by his romantic ideas, such as traveling and storytelling, that he does bad things.
” I found Jim had been trying to get him to talk French, so he could hear what it was like; but he said he had been in this country so long…..he’d forgot it”.
This shows the reality of how close a person can get to being caught in a lie, and there is always a risk to lying. It also shows that when a person lies once, they have to keep up with that lie until they end up finding themselves weaving a web of lies that they end up getting trapped in.
Huck Finn
Huck is the main protagonist of this novel. He serves the purpose of a coming of age character who sees people as they are on the inside, not as what others’ perceive a person based on their outside appearance. His role is to show that no one can judge things or people that they do not try to get to know.
Jim is the runaway slave/partner in crime in this novel. He is the tragic hero of the novel and is also incorporated into the story as a father figure for Huck.
Tom is Huck’s best friend, and sidekick in this novel. He is only shown a few times, but has made a huge impact on Huck’s actions. He is used to show how Huck is influenced once he is emerged in society
Widow Douglas
She is somewhat patient with Huck. She is a caregiver, and Huck stays in societal boundaries in fear of disappointing her.
The end of the book Tom Sawyer
The significance of the opening scene is that it was the back ground to Tom Sayer and the sequel, so it closes off Tom’s story in order for us to dive into Huck’s. It was sort of used as a type of closure.
Huck is back in society in Tom’s Aunts farm.
The ending shows Huck integrating back into society. He lets go of the way Tom made up that elaborate plan to free Jim who was already freed and plans to head West to have even more adventures. in other words, it shows that a person can never truly escape societal boundaries while in delved in society.
the Mississippi river, and the raft
That the nature of society wants to stop their growth and travel

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