The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn questions from chapter 31 to 35 Flashcard Example #43692

What are some of the things that the Duke and the dolphin Now do for money
They give speeches about how drinking is bad, they give dancing lessons at a village, they elocuated, they have tackled missionarying, mesmerizing, doctoring and telling fortunes
Then when they have very little money left, they decide to sell
Coincidentally, Huck sees a boy walking along the road and discovers Jim’s whereabouts. He is at the farm of
Silas Phelps
Then Huck discovers that Jim was sold for __________ by the king so he could buy more ___________
$40 and alcohol
Then, Huck considers writing a letter to __________, but then he changes his mind. He wanted to tell her about __________ whereabouts
Miss Watson and Jim’s
What does huck struggle with
Deciding to tell Miss Watson about Jim, after how good Jim had been with him
What has Hulk finally decided
He decided to sink the raft and go to Phelps Sawmill
Huck then meets Aunt Sally and Uncle Silas at the farm. We learned that on Sally is a __________ after her comment on p.230 about people getting killed in a steam boat accident
Then Huck learns who he is now when Aunt Sally coincidentally calls him
Tom Sawyer
Then hook finds out that the real Tom Sawyer is supposed to arrive, so he goes to __________ him
What does Huck want to warn the Duke and the King about
He wants to warn them that Silas will tell the town to take them away, because he knows they’re cheaters. So he warns them that the town is coming for them
What actually happens to the Duke and the King
they are killed
How does huck figure out where Jim is
He saw another slave going to a hut with vittles. They also saw a slave taking watermelon to the hut, which meant that a new slave could be there
What plans do the two boys have for rescuing Jim
They want to get into the canoe and get the raft, which is in the island. They’d steal the keys from the man and leave with Jim. Tom says that it’s best to dig a hole so that Jim can escape his way out by climbing it
Do you think that hook on his own would have gone about the rescue differently
I think he would have done things differently because Tom, his friend, gets his ideas from stories and he exaggerates and makes stuff harder. Huck, on the other hand, wants to make stuff easier and just rescue Jim. Huck is a realist and Tom lives an adventure
What does Tom mean when he says, “you got to invent all the difficulties”
Tom means that he has to have more fun. He has to make new adventures and create fun in everything
Why does Huck go along with Tom’s plan
Because he wants to help out Jim and he thinks that Tom’s intelligence will make everything way easier

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