The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Quiz Flashcard Example #19351

Huck smeared blood from this animal in order to fake his own murder
Huck soon found out that holding the skin of this animal brought bad luck
“Yit dry say Sollermon de wises’man dat ever live’
“What do we want of a saw? Hain’t we got to saw the leg of Jim’s bed off, so as to get the chain loose?”
Tom Sawyer
It was the reward offered for Jim’s capture and return
Huck pretended to be this friend of his at the Phelps’
Tom Sawyer
At first Huck told Mrs. Loftus this was his feminine name
Sarah Williams
Huck told Saul Grangerford this was his name
George Jackson/Jaxon
When discovered by Mrs. Loftus to be a boy, Huck said this was his name
George Peters
The king gave Huck this name as his valet
The novel’s action begins in this town
St. Petersburg
Huck and Jim passed this big city on their fifth day
St. Louis
Phelps’ Sawmill was located in this town
3 nights of the Royal Nonesuch were performed there
She was sister to Widow Douglas
Miss Watson
She was Aunt Sally’s sister
Aunt Polly
Huck made this amount of interest daily on his $6,000
It was the price Uncle Silas paid the duke for Jim
Miss Watson was going to sell Jim down to New Orleans for this amount
It was the fate of the fraudulent king and duke
tarred and feathered
Huck’s name for his father
Aunt Sally’s husband
Uncle Silas

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