The Anglo-Saxon Period 449-1066 Unit Test: Closed Book Flashcard Example #87318

Nobody understood her blithe response to her family’s misfortunes.
The jury watched the defendant’s face blanch as the charges were read.
become pale
The locals believed the castle was a pirate’s lair, where treasure might be stored.
sheath for a sword
handle of a sword
eager to please
eager to obtain and possess
Grendel’s ancestors were banished to the slime because they
were descendants of Cain.
Which of these helps qualify Beowulf as an epic poem?
Its protagonist is a god-like hero.
Which of these shows the value that Anglo-Saxon culture placed on strength and valor?
the Geat’s carrying of Beowulf’s battle gear from the lake to Herot
Which of these explains why Beowulf removed the head of the already-dead Grendel?
It was an additional act of revenge.
Which of these describes Beowulf’s parting words as he leaves to battle the dragon?
Which of these names the protagonist/antagonist relationship in “The Battle with the Dragon?”
Beowulf/the dragon
Which of these is Beowulf’s final heroic feat before his death?
the liberation of the stolen treasure
In “The Seafarer,” which of the following is named as a threat issued by Fate?
Which of these best describes the tone of “The Wife’s Lament?”
Which of these is true of “The Seafarer,” “The Wanderer,” and “The Wife’s Lament?”
All three describe the loneliness of exile.

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